Emerce100 2022; Adwise is once again one of the top full-service agencies in the Netherlands

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Emerce100 Adwise

According to Emerce, Adwise is also one of the top large full-service digital agencies in the Netherlands in 2022. On the newly published Emerce100 list, the most prestigious indicator for digital agencies, we take third place. As a newcomer, our Adwise Academy also did well in the 'training and education' category with a shared second place.

Source: Emerce

After reaching #1 in last year's Emerce100, Adwise will also be one of the top major full-service agencies in the Netherlands in 2022. "Once again, a beautiful recognition and confirmation of all the energy we put into our work every day," says Jip van Kervel, COO of Adwise. "This would not have been possible without the unbridled commitment of our Adwisers and the trust of our customers and partners," he emphasizes.

"A top 3 position in this category two years in a row is a very nice confirmation of the impact we make on a daily basis with and for our clients." Jip van Kervel - Adwise Director Operations (COO) 

The (international) impact of Adwise awarded
According to Jip, the fact that Adwise has once again achieved a top rating in the Emerce100 is a confirmation of the impact made on a daily basis for clients.''The impact we make on a daily basis with and for clients is the most important thing. A top-3 position in this category two years in a row is a very nice confirmation of this. Something we are very proud of. Continuing to make a difference is not always easy, but this shows that our joint commitment is recognized and valued.''

Achieving the digital top in the Netherlands and staying there also creates a good foundation for achieving our international ambitions. "We are already making an increasing digital impact across borders, and new foreign clients are also able to find us more easily thanks to our score in the Emerce100." says Jip.

Adwise Academy as a newcomer immediately among the best trainers in the Netherlands


Source: Emerce

And there is more Emerce news to celebrate this year, because our Adwise Academy is in a shared second place in the 'education and training' category. As a newcomer, our Academy joins the ranks of top Dutch trainers such as the LOI, NCOI and Nyenrode. Our Business Unit Manager Academy, Sannefleur Perik, is very proud of this wonderful Emerce recognition. "We are extremely proud of this rating because it is based on the experience of marketing professionals. Over the past 18 months, we have increasingly moved from an academy with standard programs to the role of development partner."

For us, this rating confirms the quality of our training courses and the need for a strategic development partner in the market.” Sannefleur Perik - Business Unit Manager Academy

What makes the adwise academy unique/good?
''As a development partner, we are always looking at the overall picture," says Sannefleur. "You can contact us for individual training or individual development advice, but we also look at the necessary development with regard to the digital strategy of a company or team. Furthermore, most of our trainers are Adwise specialists, wich guarantees quality. All our training courses consist of a unique combination of theory and daily practice. You will learn the latest trends and developments, learn from our award-winning cases and immediately be given practical tools to put into practice tomorrow and improve.''

Emerce recognition: more than prestige

The Emerce100 is an important indicator for both suppliers and customers of marketing services. In addition to recognition for work done, the list serves as a tool for companies, brands and organizations when choosing a marketing partner. A good ranking in the Emerce100 increases the chance for agencies of attracting new clients, both from the Netherlands and abroad. The Emerce100 is therefore much more than just prestige; it puts you on the map (internationally) as an agency or trainer. This enables us to make even more impact at Adwise for even more companies and organizations.

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