Milou’s week

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Milou’s week

Milou is a Content & Social marketeer at Adwise. As a Content & Social marketeer, she helps clients to realise and create relevant social and content strategies. Read about her day-to-day activities: from sketching a chatbot funnel to social media training and social advertising.


New month, new content.

Time for a new week! We start the day with a retrospective nod: we’re looking back over the last two weeks. What went well? And what could be done better? An important meeting for us as a team, we use it to keep striving for improvements to our collaboration and daily activities. At the meeting, I present the Pinterest strategy I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. I will present it to the client on Friday. After the meeting it is time to get to work! We work with the social team to create a monthly content calendar for the Loes (parental advice agency) social media channels. At the end of the month, we discuss the calendar with the client. Then, we schedule the content at the start of a new month. That’s what in the diary today! Instagram and Facebook are their focus channels, so that’s what I will be working on. The new functionality in Facebook’s Creator Studio for scheduling Instagram posts is perfect for this!


Social chapter and training.

My day starts with the monthly social chapter meeting. The social team members and I set ourselves quarterly goals. Today we talk about influencer marketing, giphy marketing, viral marketing and plans for the new quarter. In the afternoon, after lunch and a walk, I do social media training with a client. I tell them the ins and outs of organic social media. My key message? You will only get attention on social media because you’ve earned it, not because you asked for it. Always look for the overlap between what you want to convey as a brand and what your target group likes to hear. This is the exact spot for valuable content that creates genuine interactions and strengthens relationships. On Tuesdays, my day finishes with exercise! My colleagues and I go to the gym opposite our office straight after work. It’s a healthy end to my working day.


Chatbot and live on social media.

The day starts with a kick-off for a great project I’m involved in: a chatbot! We use the meeting to sketch chatbot funnels, and then I make a start on creating content. I add gifs and emojis for that finishing touch! At the end of the afternoon I finalise an influencer marketing strategy that I’ll present to a client next week. The strategy highlights things like the creative concept, choice of channels and influencers selection. In the evening, a colleague and I visit Rijssen-Holten town hall. We recently ran an amazing campaign together with the local council, read more here. This evening, the mayor is live on Instagram and Facebook to answer questions from young people and others. We are there in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly. The result? A great session with plenty of positive reactions from followers!


Social advertising day.

I start writing social advertising copy for a new client today. Their visual identity has been decided and I have been asked to think about the social advertising funnel and associated message. What will we say and when, to make sure we speak to the target group in the right way? After lunch, I visit the client to discuss this face to face. I get back to Adwise and join my colleagues from the animation and motion team. I brief them on the social visuals they’ll be developing to reinforce the message. It means I can get on with building the social campaign next week. It’s fantastic to be involved in the process from beginning to end!

Back at my desk, I start the implementation of new social advertising campaigns for part-time and fulltime Saxion courses. Awesome social ads will create lots of visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for a while to come!


Pinterest strategy and after-work drinks.

I’ll be at a client’s location presenting their Pinterest strategy. Visual content is more and more important and Pinterest is the perfect response to this. This successful medium has started featuring ads recently, so it is no surprise this is part of the strategy. The plan meets with enthusiasm! I am full of energy as I drive back to the office, where I have a quick lunch and join a creative brainstorming session. I liaise with a colleague to come up with the opportunities an Instagram AR filter might offer a prospective new client. We draft a few cool designs that we’ll present to the client next week. I celebrate the end of my week with a tradition: Friday afternoon drinks. Cheers!

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