Adwise LAB

Prototyping the future of your business.

Adwise LAB

Prototyping the future of your business.

Connecting tomorrow’s challenges with today's world

Welcome to the Adwise LAB.

Technology is constantly evolving. Innovation disrupts markets every day. Jumping on board in time makes the difference between opportunity and threat. Adwise LAB takes a leap into the future and challenges your business model with fresh ideas. But it doesn’t stop there. We devise working prototypes to prove those ideas right.

Marketing and innovation must be at the heart and brain of your organization. Developing products and services that add value are crucial to any business model in this changing world. That’s why we have set up a dedicated team to translate new tech into opportunities. Of course, all tailored to your needs.

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Predict the future by creating it

Getting tomorrow’s inventions done today.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. In the Adwise LAB we connect tomorrow’s challenges with today’s technology. We work together with you to develop prototypes that outsmart the competition.

The Adwise LAB is dedicated to the future and works outside our normal operational processes. Why? We believe the future is too important to let any ongoing business get in its way. Create the future of your business with us. Start today.

What the Adwise LAB does

Rapid prototyping

The best way to test ideas is to hold, feel and use them. We will bring your idea to life as a working prototype within 2 weeks.


Everyday problems spark the best ideas. Our knowledge of the latest technologies helps you to come up with cutting-edge solutions that really make a difference

New tech vision

Managing technology management is not just about picking the right tech. It really comes down to embedding technology in your organization and aligning with your objectives.

Opportunities matrix

Opportunities and threats come at you from all sides. The trick is to go along with the right trends and spot opportunities that others fail see. We can help you in picking what to focus on.

Let’s get going!

We are eager to explore new connections between the physical wand the digital world for your business. .

Let’s have a chat about your challenges and the opportunities that come with them.

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Consultants for Adwise LAB

All required expertise and skills.

Jurgen de Vries
Jurgen de Vries Digital Consultant
Estelle Woolderink
Estelle Woolderink Intern Sales
Bart Rosink
Bart Rosink Digital Consultant
Saad Mellouk
Saad Mellouk Digital Growth Analyst
Marlies Noltes Digital Consultant
Robert-Jan Tijhof
Robert-Jan Tijhof Digital Consultant
Karlijn Nieuwenhuis Manager Sales

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