Business Strategy

Future proof your business.

Business Strategy

Future proof your business.

Creating a future vision

Discover and understand the impact of trends.

Transforming the business is essential to creating long-term success and building a future-proof organization. Which new business models will bring growth? Which capabilities will you need to hire? And how do you cater for innovation and expansion? Adwise helps you to transform, innovate and push forward.

Accelerating growth starts with translating business goals into concrete actions. Defining clear business goals leads to finding the key ingredients for your marketing strategy. Sounds complicated? We’ll bring everything together in a comprehensive future vision for your business that takes all stakeholders on the journey ahead.

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A bespoke business strategy

Taking the right steps at the right moment.

One of our business strategists takes the lead and maps out everything what’s there and what needs to be done. Next we draft a bespoke plan of how we can help your organization in the most effective way. Of course, we address how to tackle the opportunities, challenges and dilemmas that lay ahead. We always follow the same proven steps to create a tailor-made business strategy.

We know digital inside-out

Vision and ambition setting

Let’s team up to define your ambitions in Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We’ll also help to set you mission, vision and purpose for the Purpose Economy.

Trends & impact (future vision)

Get to know the landslide trends that will impact the long-term success of your organization. We’ll draft an overview of future competitors that will help you to become the most disruptive force on the market yourself.

Digital readiness

Improve your digital leadership by mapping out the digital readiness of your organization, i.e. structures, processes, expertise and culture. This helps you to drive the digital transformation from operations all the way up to the boardroom.

Strategy development

We future proof existing business models and develop new ones. If the situation calls for it, we’ll take a Blue Ocean approach to developing new products, services and revenue models.

Organization and process optimisation

Let’s make your organization can be more customer-centric and digital-first. We create change to optimizing competitive advantage, processes and profit. If need be, we’ll look at culture, people and systems too


Standing out as an employer brand is key to attracting (and keeping) talented people. Our eHRM and People Analytics give you the tools to measure employee engagement and improve it.

Business data & intelligence

How about a boardroom cockpit with virtual assistants, predictive modeling and real-time insights? We make entire organizations data-driven by setting up an entire data ecosystem and embedding analytical thinking on all levels.

Ideation, prioritizing and roadmapping

We love translation ambition, trends and impact scenarios into strategic directions and concrete projects. These add up to a C-level roadmap that drives the transformation in clear and effective steps.

Business strategists

Our strategic brains and hands.

Tina Mržljak
Tina Mržljak Marketing Analyst
Jens Ijland
Jens Ijland Marketing Analyst / Performance Strategist
Thijs Wolbers Director Quality & Innovation / Head of Digital Commerce
Wouter van Mierlo Marketing Strategist
Daan Loohuis Head of Strategy / Senior Digital Strategist

Do you have any questions? Or are you just curious?

Let's get in touch.

Do you have any questions? Or are you just curious?

Let’s get in touch.

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#1-3 Digital agency '21 '22 '23