Increase your customer reach and maximize your sales opportunities.


Increase your customer reach and maximize your sales opportunities.

Selling successfully through marketplaces

Don’t see marketplaces as an isolated channel, but integrate them in your channelmix..

Marketplaces have become a regular part of our daily lives. They offer today’s consumer a huge variety of products and services. Marketplaces top the list of preferred channels for many consumers, which is why customer journeys often start (and end) on these platforms.

Online customers continue to move to trading platforms which brings about changes in customer behaviour. This is a development you want to respond to as a brand. To take full advantage of all the opportunities marketplaces have to offer, we recommend our clients to create a professional marketplaces strategy. We help brands and sellers to design and execute a professional marketplaces approach for optimal visibility within marketplaces. 

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From national to international.


A huge customer reach at your fingertips

but only with a professional strategy.


We start with conducting an important piece of research regarding marketplaces. Do you run your own range of products and do we see competition here? Where is your target audience located, which marketplaces are best suitable for which specific product groups and which platforms best suit your current way of working?


The selection of products we choose to approach marketplaces with is crucial to the success of your strategy. In this stage, we take into consideration important product variables such as margins and return ratios. We then determine the best way to transfer the range of products to the marketplaces (manually or through API). Choices regarding logistics are also an important part of your marketplace tactic.


It is now time to actually generate sales on the marketplaces. We help you present your products in the best possible way. To give your marketplaces sales a kickstart, we constructively think about the product launch and your product-review strategy. Once sufficient sales and product reviews have been generated, we start developing a solid advertising approach. That is how we will create optimal visibility to boost your marketplaces sales even more from our side.

Evaluating and scaling up

Analyses and quick learning form the ideal basis to quickly scale up your marketplaces activities and determine the next steps. It is important as an organisation / brand to consider whether you want more sales at a lower margin or fewer sales at a higher margin.

Onze marketplace diensten

in één overzicht.

Realisatie marketplace strategie

Als basis voor jouw marketplaces strategie analyseren we het marketplaces speelveld vanuit jouw businesscase en bepalen we de potentie en concurrentie hierbinnen. Daarnaast helpen we jou met het bepalen van de juiste assortimentsstrategie en prijsbepaling om vervolgens de account- en fulfilment keuzes te bepalen die samen de basis vormen van een goede marketplace strategie.

Account creatie & product listings realisatie

Wij richting de verkopersaccounts voor je in zodat technisch alle in de startblokken staat om aan de gang te gaan met jouw marketplace assortiment. Vervolgens geven wij invulling aan je account door je producten toe te voegen en te zorgen dat je product listings ingericht staan volgens de best practises van de marketplace. Eventueel is het mogelijk om hierbij een API-koppelingen in te richten op basis van je eigen productfeed.

Product lancering, content verrijking en product reviews

We aan de slag met een goede strategie voor de lancering van je producten en het verkrijgen van reviews, welke je verkoopproces op marketplaces een kickstart kan geven. Daarnaast gaan we aan de slag met het benutten van extra product content mogelijkheden om de kans op de kans op conversie verder te verhogen.

Advertising & campagne optimalisatie

Zodra je items enige verkoop hebben gerealiseerd en over voldoende reviews beschikken zijn ze geschikt om mee te gaan adverteren. Advertising stelt je in staat om je marketplace sales een boost te geven en de aandacht van geïnteresseerde consumenten te pakken met specifiek getargete advertenties. De juiste digital advertising strategie en de keuzes die daaruit volgen zijn cruciaal voor het behalen van een zo goed mogelijk rendement.

Marketplace specialists

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Steven Bodde Senior Account Director Retail & Commerce
Thijs Wolbers Director Quality & Innovation / Head of Digital Commerce
Jurre Oosterwechel
Jurre Oosterwechel Head of Marketplaces / Senior digital advertising marketeer
Davey Stokkers Head of SEA / Senior digital advertising marketeer
Rick ten Voorde Digital Advertising & Marketplaces Marketeer
Joris Kroes Head of Performance Strategy / Senior Performance Strategist

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