Technology & Development

Technology changes exponentially; organizations change logarithmically.

Technology & Development

Technology changes exponentially; organizations change logarithmically.

Great technology management is choosing which changes to absorb

ideally those that are best aligned with the organization’s overall strategy.

Technology is advancing incredibly fast. Our world is changing more radically than ever before. Yet we are only at the beginning. Blockchain, IoT, Big data, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence herald the next phase on the digital frontier. For every organization it is essential to have the in-house technology up to date, especially in Martech.

Marketing increasingly relies on technology to attract new customers and better serve existing ones. These tools and platforms shape the Martech landscape of the organization.

Many tend to look at what each piece of software has to offer. But it’s even more important to get these platforms and tools to work together optimally.

The choice of the right technology partners is not to be taken lightly. Selecting a partner has considerable consequences for the long term. Adwise prefers to work with companies with a clear vision of the future. We are always looking for flexible partners who, just like us, want to lead the way.

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Do not adapt your organization to technology

But adapt the technology to your organization.

Technology should depart from a vision: which innovations, tools and platforms really fit the organization? Which don’t? Adwise maps the existing technology of the organization and develops a vision for the coming years. With this master plan at hand, we select the most suitable tools and platforms. We have extensive experience with the implementation and integration of large platforms. But we’re also keen on integrating existing tools and databases.

We use what’s available and build what doesn’t yet exist. From bespoke e-business environments and Martech solutions to ground-breaking apps, bots and tools. But we’re not doing tech for tech-sake. We commit ourselves to what is really needed to achieve the task at hand. Every organization is different, and our smart solutions are too.

Technology has an often underrated dimension: people. The best technology is useless if people can't get along with it. From day one we include communication throughout the organization, we help to train people and we help build teams. We are not happy until the plan works out in both in the short and long term.

Martech Strategy Selection & Implementation

Selecting the right tools and organizing the data lay the foundation for any martech strategy. Clever implementation ensures all these systems work together seamlessly.

Recruitment Technology

Recruitment platforms and engaging concepts add up to a seamless candidate journey

Commerce Technology

Adwise aids in martech selection and implementation. And it doesn’t stop there. We also translate martech ambitions into marketing intelligence and use data to inform marketing decisions.


Integration of your entire back office provides customers and employees with updated information around the clock.

Websites & Apps

Whether you are running a website, a webshop or an app, we are constantly optimizing the customer journey. Our goal? Optimal conversion and engagement with the target group.

Links and integrations

The right connections between your systems can simplify entire business processes and increase the overall efficiency. Adwise helps you to choose the best tool for every application from the countless options out there.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our machine learning specialists craft algorithms for all your entire business processes based on data from your organization.

Voice & Chatbot

The arrival of voice and chatbots created a completely new touch point: conversational design. How do you respond to this as a company? We help you to answer the question.

Internet of Things

Get ahead of your competitors with powerful customer insights and a focused Internet of Things strategy.

Managed Services

Adwise's dedicated support team continuously manages your digital platforms. Including support for your website, platform or application.


How do you combine the best data security with running operations? Discover how we can help you in the field of Security & AVG!

Dedicated teams

Need a team? We’ll build, manage and support a dedicated development team for your organization.

Technology & Development specialists

Our technical brains and hands.

Daniel Lefers Senior Consultant Development & Technology
Ronald Exterkate Lead Software Engineer
Mark Abbes Senior Product Owner

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