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Your competitor has launched a brand-new website and now you're wondering if you should do the same in order not to lose customers. Or your current website is several years old and you're not sure if that means you need to update it. There are plenty of reasons to consider a new website, but when is it really time to upgrade? With the help of seven important signals, this article will show you whether your website is outdated and whether it is worth investing in a new one.

Signs of an outdated website

A good website goes far beyond a sleek design with flashy imagery. Everything must be technically correct, visitors must be able to easily find what they are looking for, and on top of that, your website must contribute to conversions. Your website is one of the most important touch points in the customer journey and often the platform you click through to from your other channels. So it makes sense that you want to know if your current website still meets all the requirements. The following seven signals are important indicators that your website is outdated and that it is time for renewal.

1. Your website performance underperforms
In less than a few seconds, your visitor wants to see what he or she came to your website for. Do your pages take too long to load because you use images that are too large or because performance is generally low? Then chances are that the visitor will leave your site and go elsewhere to find information or products. So always make sure your pagespeed is optimal!

2. You are dependent on your web builder
The digital world moves at lightning speed. So you don't want to depend on your web builder for every adjustment. Try to make your website your own and make small adjustments yourself. This way, you'll always be the first to know when it comes to trends and developments.

3. You only use static content
Static content are files on your website that never change. Think of texts or images. Every time someone visits your website, that page looks the same. Dynamic content, on the other hand, changes based on the visitor. The content that is displayed depends on the visitor's data. With that, the content you offer is also much more relevant. With dynamic content, think of showing recommended articles or relevant images. Also, the layout of the page can differ for each visitor.

4. Your site is not mobile-friendly
A mobile-friendly website is incredibly important. More than 60% of website visits are done via mobile devices. It is not only important to have a well-functioning mobile site for Google Rankings, but also in serving your (potential) customers. If your site is not friendly for mobile devices then visitors will leave it immediately. This causes a higher bounce rate. So test whether your site also comes across well on a mobile device!

5. Your site has overdue maintenance
Just like a car, your website needs regular maintenance. A slow website, outdated design, links that don't work or lots of error messages. These are all signs that your website could use some maintenance. Outdated content can also cause a poor user experience. So update your website with updated, up-to-date and relevant information.

6. Your site has no links to other systems
Is your Web site not yet integrated with systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PIM (Product Information Management). Linking your website to systems such as CRM and PIM has several advantages. For example, these systems allow you to work more focused and faster. With a CRM system, for example, you can have customer data automatically synchronized and updated. This can save a lot of time. A PIM system, in turn, can help you add new products quickly. In short, using these systems gets the job done more efficiently.

7. Your website no longer aligns with your brand
Markets and audiences evolve. So does your brand. You may find that your website no longer matches your branding. It's important to take a hard look at the branding on your website. Consistent branding helps build visitor confidence and ensures the website stays top of mind for longer.

Your website needs updating, now what?

Do the above signs look familiar to you? Then it's time to develop a new website. This involves important choices. Should the entire website be replaced, or only part of it? What must the new website meet? And even more important: what is the investment? At Adwise we would like to help you make the right decisions. Use the contact form below to request a no-obligation consultation!

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