Adwise further boosts vital work environment with in-house GYM and Personal Training

Adwise GYM en Fitlab

At Adwise, we strive every day to create a vital environment in which everyone can perform at their best. Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand in this regard. With our in-house GYM and the FitWise Personal Training program in collaboration with Fitlab in-house, we offer Adwisers, freelancers, partners and clients the opportunity to exercise whenever they want. In this article, read more about the in-house sports facilities at Adwise, the FitLab in-house concept and the positive impact it has on the workplace.

In a rapidly changing world like Digital Marketing, it is top sport every day to absorb the latest knowledge and translate it into smart and creative solutions. Besides the fact that this requires a lot mentally, sitting Digital Professionals, like our Adwisers, do a lot during a day. This requires attention to a good balance between mental and physical health (vitality), in order to be comfortable in your skin and perform optimally. 

That's why at Adwise we're constantly looking for ways to make our work environment even better. With daily freshly prepared lunch, weekly bootcamps, yoga sessions and our Lease-a-bike bike scheme, among other things, we already facilitate our Adwisers in many ways in a healthy lifestyle. Our in-house Adwise GYM and FitWise Personal Training program is the next step in our ambition to become the "Papendal for Digital Professionals.

Adwise GYM: all the comforts of home.

The Adwise in-house GYM is equipped with all the amenities for optimal exercise. Through a simple reservation system you can book your own time slot in two clicks and thanks to the wide range of equipment you can combine endless exercises and put together workouts. While exercising, a good workout playlist can't be missing, of course, and so the GYM is equipped with a personally operated Bluetooth sound system. 

Further, the Adwise GYM is equipped with shower and changing cubicles including shower products, hair dryers and daily clean towels. Thus, our Adwisers and other Digital Professionals using the Adwise GYM are completely taken care of.

Adwise en FitLab in-house


'Delightful under office hours'.

I take advantage of the GYM to enjoy exercising by myself. I do Crossfit myself and try to book an hour once a week at the end of my workday to do a Workout Of the Day. Especially after a busy day full of appointments, it's nice to clear your head in the gym. It's great that this can be done during office hours.

Adwise en FitLab in-house
Adwise en FitLab in-house


'The flexibility is enormous'.

Together with a colleague, I started the FitWise program and continued to exercise after that. I also try to do 1 workout by myself every week. The flexibility it gives is really huge. You are no longer stuck with your work/home schedule, where you have to plan sports around work. Of course, that effect works into your work too! For me personally dat ontzettend goed.

Adwise en FitLab in-house
Adwise en FitLab in-house


'More productive at work'.

I love exercising during working hours because it gives me more energy, which in turn makes me more productive at work.

Adwise en FitLab in-house
Adwise en FitLab in-house


'Strengthens bond with colleagues'.

Working out gives me the freedom to be home on time and have dinner with my family and sometimes finish some work in the evening, which keeps my work/life balance balanced. By exercising at alternating times, I get to speak to colleagues more often that I normally have less contact with. So besides making me feel fit and energetic, it also strengthens my bond with my colleagues.

Adwise en FitLab in-house Karlijn
Adwise en FitLab in-house


'Saves me a lot of time'.

I always train after work and it took me extra time to go to the gym. Now when I'm at the office, I just go into the Adwise GYM to work out. It saves me a lot of time and it's also private, cleaner AND I don't have to wait for a bench press to be free. As marketers, we sit a lot for work, so we can use that extra workout.

Adwise en FitLab in-house Alfred
Adwise en FitLab in-house


'Take work home less'.

I find exercising at Adwise very approachable and have started exercising more often as a result. In the GYM I can blow off steam after a busy day, even before I get home. During the day I'm busy with work, which I take home less thanks to exercising.

Adwise en FitLab in-house Nathalie

About Fitlab

As a Personal training studio & Lifestyle club, Fitlab develops unique, customized programs that exactly match individual needs and fitness. Based on evidence and backed by facts, for the fastest path to achieving personal goals. 

Training at Fitlab goes beyond just a workout. They go back to the basics to build from there. With all aspects to get in top shape. From different forms of training to lifestyle elements and a healthy diet; Fitlab develops personal programs from a scientific approach. With extensive measurements they help participants get in top shape in the way that suits each individual best.

FitWise program with Fitlab in-house

Because we at Adwise believe in an approach where you build habits that last for a long time, we partnered Fitlab in-house.  From this concept, Fitlab provides personal training programs in our Adwise GYM to help our Digital Brains stay in optimal physical condition. 

Based on our vision to be the Papendal for Digital Professionals, we have been working on realizing our own gym for some time now. I myself have been training at Fitlab PT in Enschede for several years and I really like the way Fitlab combines workouts, personal guidance and things like nutrition. We have combined this with the Fitlab in-house concept, which means that in addition to facilities we also offer the guidance of the Fitlab concept, especially for those with little or no sports experience.Jip van Kervel - Director of Operations Adwise 

Thanks to this collaboration, we not only offer facilities where people can exercise on their own, but also the in-house FitWise program which combines the facilities of the Adwise Gym with all the benefits of the Fitlab in-house concept. Precisely because guidance, a stick and a plan tailored to someone's individual situation is the key to success and optimal performance. Both physically and mentally.

Jip van Kervel  - Adwise COO
Vanuit onze visie om het Papendal voor Digital Professionals te zijn, hebben we al enige tijd gewerkt aan het realiseren van een eigen gym. Zelf train ik al enkele jaren bij Fitlab PT in Enschede en de manier waarop Fitlab workouts, persoonlijke begeleiding en zaken als voeding combineert, is mij enorm bevallen. Dat hebben we gecombineerd met het Fitlab in-house concept, waardoor we naast facaliteiten ook de begeleiding van het Fitlab concept bieden, juist ook voor degenen met weinig tot geen sportervaring.

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