Adwise helps omnichannel retailer Ochama with Dutch expansion

Adwise and Ochama
One-stop shop Ochama chooses full-service digital agency Adwise as partner for its Dutch expansion.

One-stop shop Ochama, a new formula of retail giant, chooses Adwise as partner for its Dutch expansion. Adwise and had been working together for the past year to prepare the Dutch market entry. The first two robotic stores on January 10th with which Ochama has taken its first physical steps on Dutch soil. Ochama offers an entirely new shopping formula in the Netherlands, which seamlessly online and offline combined with a unique one-stop concept.

World-class player, parent company of Ochama, is the third largest e-retailer in the world after Alibaba and Amazon. With a market value of 95 billion euros and more active customers than the total number of inhabitants in the entire European Union (550 million vs 447,7 million), it is clear that we are talking about a world-class player. The company distinguishes itself in the field of innovation - including robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - and sustainability.

The new retail formula of with which it wants to gain a foothold in the Netherlands is Ochama. With a complete range, pick-up shops, a mobile app and a web shop, Ochama wants to set the new standard for omnichannel one-stop shops. Members place an order online and can then pick it up in one of the pick-up shops at any suitable time or have it delivered to their home. Orders are collected with the help of robots and grapple arms. The distribution center in Berkel en Rodenrijs can process 15,000 orders per day. If you order before 11 a.m., it is possible to pick up your order the same day after 3 p.m. Again, with very little human interaction. You scan your QR code at the pick-up shop and your order will be delivered to you via a conveyor belt.

Ochama and Adwise

Match made in heaven

Thijs Wolbers, Director Quality & Innovation and Partners at Adwise sees many similarities between Adwise and ‘’Adwise has always been concerned with digitization and innovative trends coming to Europe. Moreover, we assist dozens of organizations with their international digital strategy. Both Dutch clients that grow internationally and organizations that enter the European market from outside Europe. This collaboration fits perfectly with our mission to disrupt markets.''

Adwise and have been working together behind the scenes for almost a year to prepare for the Dutch market entry. We helped the e-retailer with strategy and messaging and we have translated their ambitions into an integrated performance strategy. In addition, support was provided in various areas with research and specific Dutch insights were shared. ‘’There are major differences between China and the Netherlands in certain areas, so we helped get to know the European and Dutch market. We are pleased that after months of preparation, we are finally live and can start optimizing the campaigns with real data’’, explains Adwise COO Jip van Kervel. He says he is extremely happy and proud that Adwise can use its international experience and full-service expertise from strategy to operation for such a global player. 


Setting a new trend

Ochama is the first store in the Netherlands where you can order food and non-food products and choose to pick them up or have them delivered. Although home delivery is becoming more and more common - with the latest trend being flas delivery services - it also focuses heavily on the convenience of pick-up, which does not require you to stay at home. All you have to do is schedule. When you pick up the order, you have it in your hands within two minutes. Customers in the physical stores can also find inspiration in the showroom or obtain information from the - well-staffed - service desk. Ochama mainly focuses on millennials and families. Its range is very wide, from electronics to fresh fruit, from Lego to sportswear and from desks to frozen products. It is a members-only concept, with memberships being temporarily free. After your order you receive 10% free shopping credit for your next order. 

“Ochama is a completely new retail formula where online and offline merge, combined with the unique one-stop concept. The expectations for Adwise were high and the start-up phase was very challenging. Adwise has proven to be a real full-service agency in several areas with a great deal of flexibility and commitment. I look forward to our continued collaboration''. Kayee Tjahjadi-Lam - CMO Netherlands 
Jip van Kervel

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