Adwise in Barcelona for the European Search Awards 2022

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European Search Awards 2022

For a while now, Barcelona was renamed the search capital of Europe last week. Teams of marketing agencies from more than 20 countries traveled to the Spanish coastal city for the European Search Awards 2022. The first physical edition in three years. Together with SPAR and Qredits, we were there too. In this article, we will take you back to our ESA trip.

Back in February, it was announced that together with,SPAR, Qredits and Rijbewijs Invordering, we had a record number of eight ESA nominations. Last Thursday, it was time to finally pack our suitcases for the awards ceremony. Armed with our gala outfits including matching bow ties and handbags, we were off on our trip to the European Search Awards 2022. The destination? Barcelona!

A stylish welcome
After leaving a crowded Schiphol airport, we landed at a quiet aeropuerto El Prat to continue our journey to the bustling city center of Barcelona and our hotel for a change of clothes. We arrived at the beautiful Spanish event location La LLotja de Mar on time and in accordance with the dress to impress dress code.The historic building where Gaudí and Picasso learned their trade was beautifully decorated. From Scotland to Italy and from the Netherlands to Portugal; marketers in the field of search from all over Europe attended. Everyone received a stylish welcome in an open courtyard, including Spanish live music and dance. In short: all the ingredients for a memorable evening.

The award ceremony: short but sweet
After a dinner that went remarkably smoothly by Spanish standards, the award ceremony started after a joint countdown. It was presented by the Spanish singer, actor and director Ricky Merino. He announced the winners of the 74 award categories at lightning speed. In between, several judges and heavyweights from the marketing world were given a brief moment to say a few words. On the way to the stage, all the winners were each accompanied by popular dance hits, that got the auditorium moving more enthusiastically as the evening progressed. When the last award had been presented, there was one more round of applause from the audience. After two years of live streaming, everyone had visibly enjoyed the 2022 live show.

Unfortunately, Adwise was not among the prizewinners on the big screens. Nevertheless, we are proud to have received nominations in no fewer than eight categories on a European stage as a full specialism agency. Once again, a recognition of the unique innovations and creative solutions in the field of search, that has given our clients an edge in their markets.

And afterward? We enjoyed Barcelona!
After the official part of the evening we could finally take off our bow ties and heels, and it was time for more informal activities. Talking to colleagues from all over Europe, dancing to Mediterranean hits during the afterparty, taking a morning dive in the sea and sightseeing in the Spanish city. Both in terms of event organization and location, Barcelona has set the bar high for the next host of the European Search Awards. All too soon we had to exchange the Spanish heat for the long-sleeved weather in the Netherlands, but it was a trip we'll never forget!

European Search Awards, thank you for the wonderful event and hopefully until next year.

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