Adwise introduces unique workplace solution thanks to Hush, Avocor and Google Workspace

Adwise X Hush

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home and online meetings became entrenched in our way of working in no time. After the society reopened, many traded their home office back for an office workspace, but thanks to all the practical, economic and sustainable benefits, digital meetings remained a keeper. That created a challenge in part because of Adwise's large and rapidly growing workforce. One that was solved innovatively internally thanks to the unique integration of Hush Pods, Avocor and Google Workspace.

Before the pandemic, like many other organizations, most of our Adwisers worked full-time in the office with many meetings held face-to-face. Both between employees and with clients. The global shutdown in the early 2020s changed everything and remote working quickly became the new normal. 

Transition to hybrid
Just as the shift to largely and even completely working from home required considerable adaptability, the end of the lockdown brought new challenges. While for many the number of days spent working from home decreased rapidly, the number of meetings conducted online remained as high as ever. Soon, this created facility obstacles such as overbooked meeting rooms.

Jeffrey Oelen, Workspace Manager at Adwise, went looking for an innovative solution to monitor productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. ''Colleagues had become accustomed to virtual meetings with an element of privacy. With the return of activity to the office, you noticed that this sometimes created both practical and focus problems.''

Mobile meeting pods
During his research, Jeffrey discovered Hush Office's series of acoustic meeting pods. Hush pods are custom-built, soundproof enclosed spaces that provide privacy and soundproofing, creating a peaceful environment for productive work and virtual meetings. The privacy booths feature a comfortable bench and built-in desk, adjustable lighting for different tasks, and because they are on wheels, they can be moved around the office whenever and wherever desired.

Still, the arrival of the Hushes did not solve the entire challenge. Enabling virtual meetings and videoconferences would now still require additional peripherals such as cameras, microphones and speakers. Jeffrey set out to find the missing element for a true all-in-one solution.

Google meets Hush
"I was visiting the Google office in Brussels and saw Avocor's Google Meet Series One Desk 27 in action - that's when I knew I had found the answer," Jeffrey says. "I was inspired - the Desk 27 has no real competitors and occupies a unique place in the market. It's the perfect size for our pods and offers all the functionality we wanted; it's a powerful collaboration tool for virtual meetings, a touchscreen desktop monitor, a laptop docking station and a digital whiteboard all in one - exactly the all-in-one device we were looking for.

With Google Workspace as Adwise's chosen software collaboration platform, adding this hardware was a seamless process with no additional training or orientation. The devices really made a difference from day one and are being used to their full potential.

Unique solution
Besides the flashy, visual addition that the Adwise house colors-finished Hushes make to the Adwise headquarters, the integration with the Avocor hardware and Google Workspace software is unique. ''We were approached by Google itself to talk more about our innovation solution,'' laughs Jeffrey.

"I am very pleased with how the Desk 27s turned out. At Adwise, we want our workspace to continue to inspire colleagues and clients and excite potential new employees visiting our building. With the addition of Avocor's stylish Hush pods and Google Meet Series One Desk 27, that's exactly what we've accomplished." Jeffrey Oelen - Workspace Manager Adwise

Each of the brand-new Hush units in the Nieuwe Garage is now equipped with a Desk 27. Thanks to all the existing Google Workspace licenses mentioned earlier, the pods have quickly become the "go-to" workspace for smaller collaborative meetings and focused work without distractions for individual employees.

Jeffrey Oelen

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