Adwise is #1 Digital Agency (large) in the 2021 Emerce100

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Adwise is the winner of the Emerce100, the most prestigious benchmark for digital agencies in the Netherlands. The marketing agency from Twente was rated highest on knowledge, price-quality ratio, reliability and flexibility in the large full service digital agency category. Last year, Adwise finished eighth place in the medium-sized category, which makes this number 1 listing extra special.

“We have always stated that we want to belong to the best digital agencies in the Netherlands and we have now achieved that ambition.”Gijs Westerbeek - CEO of Adwise


Up seven places in a heavier category. “This is a dream come true,” says Gijs Westerbeek, CEO of Adwise. Even in a turbulent year, the digital agency managed to continue to innovate, develop and grow with more than 100 creative thinkers and doers. The number 1 listing in the Emerce100 is an absolute highlight, which is regarded as a great team effort. “Without the unbridled commitment of our digital brains and the trust our customers and partners place in us, this would never have been possible,” Gijs emphasizes.

Collaborating with Adwise means: innovating and accelerating

“Organizations with fast innovation with regard to marketing and technology win in the long term”, according to Westerbeek. “We are living in exciting times right now. Because technology makes the impossible possible, every organization is able to move markets. You don't have to be big with regard to size or resources to do this. We are seeing that it is precisely the SME organizations that become market leaders in a specific segment through smart marketing innovations. This is exactly what Adwise exists for. It is our life mission to give organizations a decisive advantage and to move markets. With the ultimate goal for our clients: sustainable and scalable growth. Preferably international.”

Adwise always tests new developments first. Such as innovations in the field of social commerce, account-based marketing, or channels such as Clubhouse. Adwise then brings these innovations to customers, led by speed and pragmatism. “At Adwise, we don't just help customers to be the first, but above all to be the smartest. You don't want to chase trends, but you do want sustainable applications for your business. That is why we only bring innovations to clients if they are relevant. Is it useful for your organization? Does it bring long-term growth? Does it fit the strategy?”

“We realize that innovation in marketing and sales is not necessarily a given in all organizations. That is why a reliable partner is indispensable’’, says Westerbeek. “Because innovation is our core business. We are on top of the latest developments and through our internal specialists we bring them directly to our clients. We encourage our people and customers to win (inter)national awards with innovative marketing cases. And this works really well, with no less than 97 nominations and awards for our customers in the past five years!

Adwise makes clients agency independent

In addition to innovation, Adwise especially wants the marketing organization of clients to grow to a higher level. We always want to make our clients agency independent, especially in marketing activities that drive their business. Some marketing specialisms are so important to an organization that you would want to have them completely in-house. Taking these marketing activities, and particularly the level of knowledge, to a higher level is the foundation of all our collaborations. That is why we have also set up our own Adwise Academy to guarantee knowledge transfer and its application to our clients. But if you want rapid growth, we always recommend working with our digital brains; through Adwise or our secondment branch WisePeople - League of digital masterminds.”

Emerce recognition: more than prestige

The Emerce100 is an important indicator for both suppliers and buyers of marketing services. In addition to a nice award for work done, the list provides guidance for companies and brands when choosing marketing partners. A good ranking in the Emerce100 increases the chance for agencies to attract new clients, both from the Netherlands and abroad. So the Emerce100 offers much more than just prestige; it puts marketing companies on the map (internationally).

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Emerce100 Best Fullservice Digital Agency '24

Best Fullservice Digital Agency '24