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Adwise and the municipality Rijssen- Holten have been announced as a winner of the international European content Awards (ECA). For their successful #BBTY campaign, they received the price “Charity Content Campaign of the Year“. The award show is hosted every year by a different European city and is known for awarding successful work in the field of content marketing within Europe.

The #BBTY campaign

Together with the municipality Rijssen-Holten we are nominated in the categories of Social media content campaigns of the Year & Charity Content Campaign of the Year. A campaign with the aim to bring the local community and its younger generation a step closer. This is quite a challenge, because reaching young people as a municipality is not an "easy thing". Therefore, it has been time to take action! But how? The municipality of Rijssen-Holten created a mysterious guerrilla campaign. In combination with a strong social media strategy, we were able to create a campaign that goes viral. Indeed, the results show 700% more reactions than the intended result. Additionally, the results reveal that more than 30% of the young people from the entire municipality think about its future. Wondering how we tackled this and to which outcome it has led? The #BBTY campaign 

The Social & Content marketer at Adwise, Milou Grunder is obviously very happy with the award: "What an honour to receive an award on an international stage, especially when you look at the competition! This campaign shows that the combination of offline and online can lead to a powerful message. Going Viral as a municipality - we did it! The fact that we have now received international recognition for this successful collaboration with the municipality is simply fantastic".

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