Everything you need to know about the end of Google Optimize

Google Optimize 2023

The end of Google Optimize is approaching. On Sept. 30, 2023, Google is pulling the plug on the successful platform, which in recent years worked its way up to market leader in A/B testing software. So starting next October 1, you will have to use alternatives. In this article you will read what you need to know about the end of Google Optimize and what steps you need to take.

Some time ago, Google made it news of the termination of Google Optimize made public. After its launch more than five years ago, the platform developed into the largest in the field of A/B testing software. The tech giant described the goal of Google Optimize as "To allow businesses of any size to easily test and improve user experience. So on Sept. 30, 2023, Google Optimize will retire, however. But why? And how next? 

Google invests in GA4
As the reason for the termination, Google cites partly the same reason for the launch. 'To allow companies of all sizes to improve user experiences'. The company now adds: 'That's why 
we are investing in integrations with third-party A/B testing for Google Analytics 4. We're focusing on the most effective solutions and integrations for our customers, especially with an eye on the future with Google Analytics 4.'

Although Optimize has been around for a while, Google says there is a lot of demand for features and services for experiment testing, for example, that the current platform does not have. Investing in third-party integrations and solutions would therefore be more effective for companies looking to A/B test. All experiments and website personalizations within Google Optimize will be automatically terminated as of Sept. 30.  

Overflow of alternatives: Adwise helps you choose
Since the announcement and especially as Google Optimize's end date approaches, the number of alternatives and subscription types has increased dramatically. That overwhelming supply doesn't make making the right choices any easier. That's why our CRO team helps you choose the right alternatives. 

At Adwise we have been performing A/B testing for various large and small organizations for years. From recruitment to development and from E-commerce to B2B; like no other we know the challenges and situation in your market or industry. And more importantly: our specialists know which tooling best suits the needs and goals of your organization. 

Wondering which tooling best suits your organization now that Google Optimize is disappearing? Then contact us without obligation using the form below. 

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