Heracles Almelo is in the running to win website of the year

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Heracles Almelo is in the running to win website of the year

Website of the year nomination

for Heracles Almelo.

Innovation is one of the main pillars at the Dutch Premier Division club Heracles Almelo. Heracles felt it was important to launch a website that pulled loyal supporters closer to the club and encourages them to make a purchase from the web shop or the ticket shop. The collaboration with Adwise has already achieved some great results. And last week, the website was nominated website of the year! Will you help us celebrate?

Can we count on your vote?

Support Heracles Almelo and vote here (before 25th of Oktober). Or read the Heracles Almelo website story, all about the interesting aspects we encountered along the way, such as strategy, technology, data and personalisation.

A new digital standard

for Dutch premier division football clubs.

Innovation is important to Heracles Almelo, and this includes digital innovation. This is why Heracles Almelo decided to launch a new website that creates more engagement from supporters and energises them into conversion in the ticket shop and the web shop. We created a leading digital platform for Heracles that enhances the supporter experience through optimised use of the e-commerce potential. Personalisation and a data-driven strategy have elevated this website to an entirely new standard in the premier league - in only seven weeks. This progressive step certainly didn’t go unnoticed and that’s why this year, Heracles Almelo has been nominated for website of the year in the football clubs category.

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