Monitor your daily savings with solar panels with dynamic display ads


Here comes the sun. And with solar panels, the sun will bring you savings on your energy costs, especially in summer. But how do you know exactly how much you could save? Thanks to a clever link, we have created dynamic display ads in collaboration with Dijkman Zonne-Energie (Solar Energy Company), which show the yield of solar panels that day based on the number of hours of sunshine. In this way, potential customers can see exactly what amount of electricity they could have saved with solar panels.

In collaboration with our client Dijkman Zonne-Energie, we launched an innovative display advertising campaign. The objective? To clearly show people who have not yet had solar panels installed the efficiency of solar panels. Thanks to a link to the weather database and API of VisualCrossing, we can show daily statements that show a saving based on the current weather situation. This shines some light on the efficiency of solar panels.

Monitor your daily savings

with dynamic display ads..

The savings are determined by the number of hours of sunshine and the temperature on a given day. You can see this information in the dynamic banner. Each logo, icon, text, image and CTA can be adjusted separately by using the feed. 

Depending on the weather conditions, the campaign is turned on or off. So if the day is cold and cloudy, for example, the campaign will be automatically disabled. The display campaign is therefore not only dynamic but also optimized for relevance and ensures a more efficient expenditure of media budget.


Flexible campaign concept full of possibilities

Because this campaign concept is dynamic, you remain flexible in what you want to show. This also makes it easy to respond to events such as sports events, allowing you to make concrete savings focused on the relevant event. With a message such as 'today you can watch three soccer matches on your solar energy', for example, you can directly target soccer fans without solar panels. In short: these display ads offer many more great opportunities to roll out.

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