Next generation reading with the Immersive Reader

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Next generation reading with the Immersive Reader

This summer, Microsoft has made ‘Immersive Reader’ available to developers. This functionality was already available in software solutions such as Outlook and Word, but can now also be used on the web. All it takes is an addition to your source code to unlock more accessibility for people who have difficulty deciphering and understanding the text. A fantastic aid for children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. We tested this solution on the new Adwise website and are positive about the results. We like to share our findings in this blog!

A target group with a learning disability such as dyslexia is by no means headline news, and neither is the fact there are resources available in the non-digital world. However, Microsoft now taking the lead and offering online solutions might just be exactly that: headline news. Immersive Reader is part of a set of support programmes that implement proves technologies to improve the literacy skills of users, regardless of age or level. Text can be read out loud and divided into syllables, letters can be enlarged and there is visual support for some words. As such, the support programme improves word recognition, focus and reading speed.


We still access most of our knowledge through text, but this is not easy for everyone. Educators are faces with this reality in the classroom every day, but reading problems are commonplace in everyday life too for people with dyslexia, ADHD or a visual impairment. The various Immersive Reader functionalities help readers to understand text more easily and quickly, and we should celebrate this web technology for its existence and simplicity.

Although we might not have to implement Immersive Reader for the Dutch website, but the application is probably very appealing - now and for the future - to education and government organisations, for instance.

Immersive Reader

*Immersive Reader was implemented on a local copy of and is not active online. Would you like a demo? We are here to help, contact us 

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