Optimise your email marketing with the ROPO campaign

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Optimise your email marketing with the ROPO campaign

Jasmijn Hemersma (Head of Email) wrote a blog in collaboration with Copernica (software for email marketing automation) about how an email marketing campaign creates insight into the ROPO effect.

Following your customers’ journey when they search online but buy offline. Quite complicated. After all, how can you gain insight into this information? This is called the ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline): 56% of shop purchases come about after an online search. A variety of campaigns benefit from this information. Achieve better results: use the insights from the ROPO effect in your email marketing strategy.

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Read all about how to benefit from a ROPO campaign in email marketing, with a comprehensive step-by-step plan in the latest Copernica blog. The blog also features a real-life example of a successful ROPO campaign.

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