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From June 2022, all companies on Snapchat that want to display advertisements on the platform must have a ‘public profile’. As a company, you can share organic content via a public profile and thus have more impact and increase your brand experience with your target group. The function underlines the increasing importance of organic content. A Snapchat company page offers countless valuable possibilities. And it will now be a requirement in order to continue to display ads.


Features of a Public Snapchat Profile

A company page makes it easy to share content and connect to Snapchatters around the world. Users can subscribe to a company page to keep up to date with everything a company shares on the platform. As a company, this gives you the opportunity to strengthen your presence, brand identity and connection with your target group free of charge via Snapchat. The main features of a company page are:

  • ‘Public Stories’, allowing companies to share their latest news and daily activities or behind-the-scenes,
  • ‘Highlights’, allowing companies to capture their best Snaps, Stories, photos and videos so they can always be viewed,
  • ‘AR Lenses’, allowing companies to permanently store their AR lenses so that each Snapchatter can use them and discover the corresponding AR experiences.
  • ‘Native store’, allowing companies that have a Shopify store to link their product catalog to their company page, allowing Snapchatters to shop via the platform. Companies can create a new point of sale via Snapchat, for example.

Furthermore, the platform provides valuable insights into both the organic performance of a company page (e.g. the number of views on a Story) and the performance of advertisements. Snap Metrics and Ad managers are examples of useful web and in-app tools to help you with this.


How to create a public profile on Snapchat

Step 1
Log in to Snap Ads Manager


Step 2
Navigate to Business and click on ‘Public Profiles’.


Step 3
Select 'Create a Snapchat account' or 'I already have a Snapchat account' if your company already has a username on Snapchat.


Step 4
Create a public profile and enter your profile details.

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