Wonderful holidays

And an enchanting 2024.

With great confidence and energy, we're looking forward to the new year, in which we would like to continue innovating together and building a competitive advantage in your market. On behalf of the WiseFundament Group, we wish you wonderful holidays and an enchanting 2024!

With the arrival of December, the end of 2023 is slowly approaching. Another year full of innovation, inspiration, digital acceleration and collective impact. In the ever-changing world, we continue to search together for new opportunities and possibilities to exploit to write new success stories. 

We believe that by creating impact together, you build a better future and a more beautiful world. Not only thought from a business perspective, but also from a social perspective. This holiday season we therefore want to pay extra attention to making impact together. Not just for ourselves, but for social causes. 

Together with our clients, we are supporting charities that are close to our Adwisers this Christmas season. Below you can read and see more about these charities and the difference they make. We are happy and proud of our Adwisers, clients and partners who also create impact together in this way.

Stichting ALS


Last summer, my best friend's father died of ALS. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment against this disease yet. Hopefully by donating we will get a little further in the studies. This one is for you, Rik!

Stichting Levensportret


I have experienced up close the impact of Stichting Levensportret. The video portrait provides valuable guidance as a beautiful reminder of loved ones who will pass away from us in the near future.

De Oorlogsgravenstichting


The stories of war victims from World War II and elsewhere are of great value and together with the De Oorlogsgravenstichting group of tour guides, we do our best to bring those stories behind the stones back to life and more importantly; that they are not forgotten.



Losing my father at a young age to a rare form of cancer made me realize the importance of research. By dedicating funding to researching rare forms of cancer, we can increase the chances of survival, saving more lives.



The impact of a metabolic disease is harrowing and personal, as with the little daughter of one of my best friends. These types of disorders, with as many as 1,000-1500 different variants, are often discovered late, often making treatment impossible. Research into these rare diseases is essential to develop life-saving treatments.

Villa Pinedo


My parents divorced when I was young, and so from there I came to volunteer at Villa Pinedo as a buddy to help other children whose parents are divorced or getting divorced.

Parkinson Nederland

Robert-Jan Tijhof.

Parkinson's affects people of various ages, both men and women, and is currently considered the fastest growing neurological disorder in the world. It highlights the urgent need for more research and support for the Parkinson's community, including my mother.

Supporting charity

More than a helping hand in need.

Charities are the helping hands in our society. They care for those who are struggling, push the boundaries of medical research and offer warmth to those without shelter. These organizations are not luxuries, but indispensable beacons of hope in even the most prosperous societies. 

In the hearts of charities burns hope and compassion. Something they all turn into positive impact in their own way. Het Vergeten Kind gives a voice to those who have none, Sheltersuit offers warmth and dignity to those without a home, organizations like KWF and NCFS fight for relief and cures for debilitating diseases, Alzheimer's Netherlands presents itself as a beacon of understanding for dementia, the Red Cross offers help in natural disasters and conflicts, Matchis and MetaKids save lives, and the Speelgoedbank and Kinderhulp bring playful joy.

Supporting these charities is more than a helping hand to those in need. It is an investment in a better world. By supporting charities, we connect with the power of humanity, and in their collective efforts the echo of hope, progress and change resounds. That is truly making an impact.  

Flappus foundation


Every animal deserves respect, a nice life and a warm nest. Animals have no voice to stand up for themselves, which is why Flappus Foundation does it for them.



Everyone deserves warmth, protection and dignity and I am thrilled that through our partnership with Adwise, we can make an impact to raise awareness for Sheltersuit worldwide.



A winter coat, warm sweater and sturdy shoes in winter for school seems almost a matter of course for everyone. Yet for 1 in 12 children in the Netherlands (!!) this is not the reality. Kinderhulp not only gives them those warm clothes, but also the confidence and pride to participate fully in school.

Matchis foundation


As a stem cell donor, you can save someone else's life. It's just a simple act that can make for a very big impact. Everyone should sign up to help people have their last chance at life.

Red Cross


With the many recent natural disasters and wars currently taking place in the world, our help remains desperately needed and of great importance.

Bowie foundation


Bowie Foundation is the support and advocate for people with financial difficulties. I have never done such rewarding work.

With this Christmas campaign, together we are giving making impact a meaningful charge. Instead of receiving a Christmas present, our clients are contributing with donations to charities that our Adwisers have suggested from their personal involvement. For that, as well as the charities involved, we are incredibly grateful. 

Spark hope. Empower progress. Inspire change.

List of charities

Builders of a better world.

Alzheimer Nederland
Stichting Bowie
Stichting Flappus
Het vergeten kind
Stichting Kinderhulp
KWF kankerbestrijding
Cystic Fibrosis stichting
Rode Kruis
Sheltersuit Foundation
Stichting ALS Nederland
Stichting levensportret
Villa Pinedo

Latest stories

De laatste ontwikkelingen binnen het digitale speelveld.

Stichting NF

Let's beat NF.

Laura, onze office assistant, steunt Stichting NF, omdat ze zelf ook Neurofibromatose heeft. Deze erfelijke aandoening veroorzaakt goedaardige tumoren die ongeremd op zenuwen kunnen groeien. Er bestaan helaas nog geen medicijnen of therapieën voor, wat voor haar en andere NF patiënten een leven vol onzekerheid en klachten betekent. Met de ontvangen steun bekostigt Stichting NF essentieel onderzoek en medicijnontwikkeling.

Stichting Bowie

Een donatie maakt al snel impact.

Myrthe, onze financial administrator, vraagt aandacht voor Stichting Bowie. Zij zet zich bij dit doel in voor het samenstellen en uitdelen van voedselpakketten, die ze rondbrengt bij mensen die financiële begeleiding krijgen en aan het einde van de maand net wat te kort komen. Ze zijn de steun en toeverlaat van mensen die financieel zijn vastgelopen. “Een donatie maakt al snel impact.”, aldus Myrthe. 


Samen tegen eenzaamheid.

Onze L&D manager Tom is naast zijn werk actief bij het maatjesproject van Humanitas Tandem. Dit project koppelt een vrijwilliger aan een deelnemer die eenzaam is. Het doel is om je maatje te activeren en uit het sociaal isolement te halen. Ze zijn altijd op zoek naar meer maatjes en vrijwilligers, waarbij donatie of steun in welke vorm dan ook hard nodig is. 

KWF Kankerbestrijding

Alles wat je doet heeft waarde.

Nass, Adwise project manager, vraagt aandacht voor KWF Kankerbestrijding. Dit omdat de ziekte voor haar erg dichtbij kwam toen zowel haar moeder als tante de diagnose borstkanker kregen. Helaas is zij niet de enige binnen de organisatie die hiermee te maken heeft (gehad). KWF werkt dankzij donaties aan levensveranderend- en reddend onderzoek en medicijnontwikkeling. 

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