SummerWise Fest: Adwise trip with personalized festival experience

SummerWise Fest 2023

Every day, our Adwisers push digital boundaries, exceed ambitions, shake up markets and transform the world of tomorrow. They are the drivers of success for our clients and our agency. Success that we create together and that we celebrate together. That is 'Life at Adwise. So this year we organized SummerWise Fest: a three-day festival, fully personalized for our Adwisers.

At Adwise, we believe in personalization as the key to unforgettable brand experiences, unique customer journeys and long-term engagement. Between brands and their customers, but especially also between employers and employees. Our Adwisers are the ambassadors of our agency and they deserve appreciation with a personal touch. In cooperation with organizational partner Myles, we therefore christened the Island of Maurik a weekend this summer as Adwise Island for an unforgettable, personal Adwise trip for all our Digital Brains

Under the banner 'SummerWise Fest 2023', endless fun, vitality and team building came together to the max during a unique, three-day festival experience. 

Adwise summerwisefest

Leading up to SummerWise Fest, the Adwise marketing team developed a unique corporate identity, which was widely rolled out during the festival weekend. The summer color palette was reflected on large banners on the festival grounds, printed festival outfits, flyers, wristbands and social content, among other things. All expressions prior to and during the event were personalized and focused on Life at Adwise in many ways.

Intern hype: from location hints to treasure hunt

With nothing more than 'SummerWise Fest' in the schedules beforehand, the content of the weekend was still a secret for most. To build maximum excitement towards the weekend, we launched a special SummerWise Fest Instagram account to countdown. With photos and videos of previous Adwise trips, cryptic location clues and hints about sleeping arrangements, more and more tips of the veil were lifted and discussed in detail.

In the week leading up to the event the internal hype was further fuelled with a treasure hunt in the office that led Adwisers to a treasure chest containing festival wristbands and a personalized festival ticket for everyone. SummerWise Fest 2023 could begin.

Counting down via Instagram

Personalisation, personalisation, personalisation

Making the weekend as personal and on Life at Adwise focused; with that as our goal, we made maximum use of personalization. In addition to personalized festival tickets, each Adwiser spent the night in a tent with a name that matched his or her team. Among others, Brand Builders BunkhouseClient Care CampsiteSearch Engine Sanctuary and the Leadgen Mansion could be found at the Digital Dreamland glamping. 

"Instead of approaching the trip as a group trip, we wanted to make it personal for everyone. It came alive so much more, everyone felt personally involved and we also saw that many more people posted images on their socials! With personalization, you really make a trip like this that much more unique." Joost van de Maat, Adwise Marketing team

But it didn't stop there. On the bus, shots printed with witty Adwise quotes were waiting and all Adwisers were provided with a genuine festival starter kit in collaboration with staff association Wise United. Upon arrival, SummerWise Fest merchandise was waiting in each tent and each group was given a disposable camera to capture the weekend in the most original way possible. The festival grounds further included branded beer mats with fun conversation starters to get to know colleagues better. In short: personalization, personalization, personalization. 

Logo SummerWise Fest

Digital Dreamland

Festivalbandjes en -tickets

Festival merch


Shotjes met quotes

Bierviltjes met gespreksstarters

Bierviltjes met gespreksstarters

SummerWise Fest op socials



Followers and home front heroes

Adwisers are not only digital all-rounders but also the ambassadors of our agency. They carry the Adwise employer brand like no other, for example through their socials. To capitalize on this even more, we have developed branded resources for various social platforms. Via GIPHYs, Snapchat lenses and Instagram filters, SummerWise Fest became visible to tens of thousands of followers via the Adwisers' social networks.

A business trip also involves those left behind. The partners, children, roommates and/or parents of our Adwisers, who provide unconditional support and backing. And who keep things running at home when asked. And during an Adwise weekend like this, they too deserve a token of appreciation. That is why all home front heroes received a small gift in the mailbox as a thank you for all they do for our Adwisers. 

Weekend recap

After weeks of preparations and countdowns, SummerWise Fest was finally kicked off at the end of June.

A spectacular island entrance by RIB boat, cozy drinks, extensive barbecues, late night campfires afterparties, water activities like e-foiling and supping, creative graffiti workshops, soothing yoga sessions; the SummerWise Fest program offered something for everyone for three days. The evenings on the Adwise Island were popping on the dance floor with, as the absolute festival climax, the final party at the big mainstage on Saturday. All in all, a magical getaway in an enchanting location. 

Adwise Island



SummerWise Fest

SummerWise Fest


(Re)experience below the special festival experience of SummerWise Fest 2023 with the aftermovie. 



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