The Adwise AI Hackathon 2023

Hack the future with AI.

Artificial intelligence has been woven into Adwise products and services for many years to accelerate our clients' business smarter. With the current, explosive advance of AI, the next phase has now arrived that offers plenty of new opportunities on an even larger scale. This is why we organized the Adwise AI Hackathon to further discover together the power of AI and put it to work for our clients. A review of a successful event.

That the possibilities of AI seem almost limitless is clear by now. However, its application proves difficult in practice for many organizations. While artificial intelligence can at least speed up or even completely take over many standardized processes. With the Adwise AI Hackathon, we coupled all our knowledge about AI with the operational skills of our Adwisers to help clients with smart AI-driven innovations with concrete challenges.

"You have to stay active. That means working every day on new innovations and coming up with solutions for customers that make a difference and then making sure that there is recognition for that in the form of awards.” Thijs Wolbers - Director of Quality and Innovation Adwise

In addition to directly contributing to our mission to put organizations on a decisive lead, a Hackathon is also the way to exchange knowledge internally and learn from each other in order to further strengthen the clout within the AI domain across the entire breadth of our agency.

From problem to prototype

Divided into 14 teams, Adwisers from all disciplines and domains set to work on devising innovative AI solutions for our clients, who themselves provided over 20 real-world challenges.

"Events like these are really characteristic of us as an innovative agency and it also makes working at Adwise very unique and fun. People also collaborate with fellow Adwisers that you don't normally work with as much.” Evelien Knippers - Account Director Adwise

The morning was mainly used for brainstorming together and thinking out plans of action. The afternoon was devoted to creating (working) AI prototypes that would not only theoretically solve the challenges presented, but could also actually be implemented. 

After all the time to work together had ticked away, all the teams prepared for the grande finale: presenting their ideas in front of the internal expert jury. 

14 pitches, 'Elektramattie' winner

The five-member jury consisting of Gijs Westerbeek (CEO, Adwise), Thijs Wolbers (Director of Quality & Innovation, Adwise), Jan van der Velde (Lead Global Brands, Ausnutria), Inge Jentink (Manager Consumer Marketing, ATAG Benelux) and Marita van Overbeek (Office Manager, Adwise) evaluated the 14 prototypes and cases presented by the teams themselves. And that yielded some very innovative and workable final products.

After lengthy jury deliberations, three teams were declared the winners of the day, with 'Elektramattie' as crowned No. 1. By linking as many as eight AI tools together, 'team AI is calling' developed a fully AI-driven customer service for Elektramat. Without staff intervention, Elektramattie was able to fully automate answering and routing all kinds of customer service questions by phone. An extremely relieving solution for the rapidly growing electrical wholesaler.

"Elektramat's interest has also been piqued, so soon we will be able to visit to subject the demo to practice at the customer's own premises. That is, of course, the ultimate crowning achievement of a day like this." Daan Loohuis, winner Hackathon with Elektramattie

Continue to innovate with AI

Together with all Adwisers and clients involved, we look back on a very successful AI Hackathon. Artificial Intelligence will continue to develop and make more and more impact on the field of Digital Marketing, which will certainly require an agency like Adwise to keep learning, to keep accelerating and to adjust faster and faster. And with events like the Hackathon, we continue to invest in our position as a forerunner within AI.

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This was the Adwise AI Hackathon 2023

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