Websites Looox and Thales in top-10 MODX websites of 2022

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MODXpo X Adwise 2022

At the first edition of the Best MODX Website Awards 2022, Adwise, together with Looox (3) and Thales(8), immediately won two top-10 ratings. The brand new website of bathroom specialist Looox finished third on the stage and last month's launch of 'working at Thales' website is eighth in this year's list of the best MODX websites. A wonderful reward for two websites with the combination of creativity and UX/CRO as a success formula. The award ceremony took place this afternoon in Arnhem during the MODXpo conference.


MODXpo and the Best MODX website award

The MODXpo is a conference entirely dedicated to MODX. The event took place this year in Arnhem and was full of speaker sessions and showcases relating to (new) MODX features. And we were there too, of course. This year, the Best MODX Website award was also presented for the first time and, as I said, Looox and Thales did very well.

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MODXpo 2022 •
Image: MODXpo

Adwise and Looox (3rd place)

About two months ago we launched their new website together with LoooX Bathrooms. After a period of intensive collaboration, an attractive content website is now live including links to PIM and DAM systems.

What makes this website unique, in addition to subtle micro-animations and the use of beautiful photos, is that when you choose a color for your bathroom furniture on a product detail page, all photos that you see in overviews afterwards will also be shown in that color. This creates an even better online shopping experience for visitors! Click on the image below to view the full website.


Adwise and Thales 'working at' (8th place)

Recruitment marketing: there are few domains so relevant at the moment. A good 'working at' website is a crucial part of that. In May, in collaboration with Thales, we launched their new 'working at' environment and we are very proud of the result.

The new website has become a beautiful representation of the Thales culture in project pages, subject areas pages and has clear filtering and a clear application process. Click on the image below to view the entire website.


MODX website development

As an MODX professional partner, Adwise is a proven specialist in implementing MODX as a Content Management System. Our specialists know the platform inside out and have more than 10 years of experience with MODX implementations with companies from all kinds of industries.

Why MODX is such a good CMS? Choosing MODX as CMS is tantamount to choosing creative freedom in the ultimate form. The open source platform does not have standard templates, providing endless possibilities for designers and developers. Would you like to find out if a new MODX website will suit your company? Contact us below!

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