WiseFundaments Group and Strikwerda Investments join forces in strategic partnership

WiseFundaments Group and Strikwerda Investments join forces in strategic partnership

WiseFundaments Group, consisting of Adwise, WisePeople and Adwise Academy, today announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Strikwerda Investments. The partnership will give the group access to Strikwerda Investments' knowledge and capital to enable the organization's next phase of growth.

In recent years, Adwise has grown into a leading digital agency that ranks among the top in the Netherlands. Together with more than 140 talented employees, Adwise has won several awards year after year for its services. To take the next step and realize its ambition to become a leading agency on an international level as well, the senior management team decided to look for a strategic partner to support in accelerating its growth.

Herein, after a careful search, the team deliberately chose Strikwerda Investments, a Dutch family investment firm with a strong track-record in the ICT sector.

Strengthening the proposition in the market

"We are delighted to be working with Strikwerda Investments. We have full confidence that Strikwerda's expertise is going to help us accelerate our growth plans. Together we not only pursue organic growth, but also explore strategic acquisitions to strengthen our proposition in the market. We feel a good click with the team of Strikwerda Investments and greatly appreciate their ambition and proven track-record. We are confident that together we can achieve great results," said Gijs Westerbeek, CEO of WiseFundaments Group.

"We are impressed by the growth and the position WiseFundaments Group has acquired as a leading digital agency in the Netherlands. Thanks to its powerful customer-focused proposition, integrated services and professional organization, WiseFundaments Group has secured a special and progressive position in the Dutch market. We strongly believe in the opportunity, together with the senior management team, to further strengthen this position both organically and through acquisitions to a leading international position," said Bob Joustra of Strikwerda Investments.

We will soon share an interview with Gijs, in which he will further elaborate on this collaboration with Strikwerda Investments. 

Gijs Westerbeek

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