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AI in customer care

In the B2C market, customer service departments often have to deal with a large volume of support questions. Think, for example, of suppliers of kitchen appliances. A lot of time usually goes into answering these questions. During our AI Hackathon, we devised a link between a chatbot and an AI tool to simplify the use of support pages. This makes it possible for consumers to get answers to their questions quickly and easily via WhatsApp.

The challenge

Optimizing customer service.

In general, website visitors to support pages tend to have low engagement. Customers want a solution as quickly as possible and this leads to frustration, as complex problems cannot be solved in a short period of time. Customers often have to consult multiple manuals, which is time-consuming and negatively affects customer satisfaction. The goal is to provide users with quick and easy answers without having to search deep into manuals or call customer service.

The approach

Smart support thanks to chatbot and AI tool.

To simplify the use of support pages, we came up with an innovative approach: a link between a chatbot and an AI tool that can extract text from images. We chose the Messagebird platform to offer customers an interactive and intuitive way to ask questions.

The chatbot acts as the first interaction between the customer and the support system. Customers can ask their questions as if they were talking to a real customer service representative. The chatbot is integrated with the Vision API, which detects text in images and converts it into searchable text. This allows customers to easily find answers by taking a picture of, for example, a device label, product identifier or error message. The chatbot automatically sends the image to the Vision API, which analyzes the relevant text and sends the customer a message back with links to support articles or solutions that fit their query.

The results

Next-level customer care.

This case enables consumers to get answers to their questions quickly and effortlessly via WhatsApp. When an error message occurs on device, the chatbot immediately sends relevant information, which simplifies the search for solutions. Also, a major benefit of the chatbot is the reduction of workload for customer service, improving response times. The integrated AI tool allows customers to find answers on their own, allowing customer service agents to focus on more complex problems. Availability at any time results in higher customer satisfaction and better customer loyalty. The chatbot offers even more features, such as personalized support and valuable insights through data analytics. These enhancements take the overall customer service experience to an unparalleled high level. 

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