159% increase in non-branded traffic thanks to clever SEO campaigns with relevant content

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159% increase in non-branded traffic thanks to clever SEO campaigns with relevant content

International brand of low-carb products

Atkins is an international brand of low-carb products, a well-known player in the dieting market. Among other things, Atkins sells low-carb bars, shakes, bread, crackers and muesli, and positions itself as a lifestyle brand.


Transition from diet to lifestyle brand.

Atkins has recently made the transition from diet to lifestyle brand. This transition has a lot of impact on their digital strategy. As part of their new strategy, they want to reach the target audience that is not yet specifically orienting themselves for a potential product purchase. To achieve this ambition, the following SEO objectives have been set.

  • A definite increase in non-branded organic traffic to the website of at least +50% thanks to relevant content
  • Using content creation to respond to the audience’s needs instead of focusing on products, and using relevant content to urge the target audience to convert to product purchases.
  • Mapping out the LTV (Life Time Value) of organic traffic to determine which consumers (with which needs) are the most loyal to the brand in the long term.

Strategy and approach

The biggest challenge for Adwise was to create valuable content and reach the target audience at several touchpoints within the customer journey. Here is a selection of the most important elements:

Step 1

Content optimisation as the basis for the intended increase in organic traffic.

Based on the most frequently used search terms in the various stages of the customer journey, we wrote and rewrote the relevant content. An example: the ‘Low-carb’ article already existed, but was completely rewritten and republished in January 2017. The result is 137% more organic traffic sessions to this page.

Step 2

Featured Snippets.

For a number of important search terms, we created a featured snippet, such as for ‘low-carb’, ‘low-carb diet’, and ‘low-carb products’. These featured snippets caused the CTR on these search terms to rise from 7% to 33%.

Step 3

Visibility of products via recipe database.

To improve the visibility of Atkins products, we chose to develop a different kind of content, namely recipes. By adding substantive information such as text, visuals and videos in these recipes, we aim to increase traffic to the website. The guiding principle for this recipe database was user-generated content. We consulted the Atkins community to gather user input. We also added structured data so that the recipe image and prep time are shown in the search results right away, causing a rise in the CTR.


High ranking on Google.

Atkins is currently ranking in the Google top with many important search terms. The SEO strategy has resulted in a 159% increase in the non-branded organic traffic. The organic traffic views on product pages have risen by 28%, and the recipe pages achieved 80,000 unique views. The number of organic sessions is still constantly on the rise.

Follow-up steps

Life Time Value .

A next step in the (SEO) strategy will be to calculate the Life Time Value per cluster, based on intrinsic needs. This would involve investigating which target audiences have the most value for Atkins in the long term, so that we can then focus even more on providing relevant content for these groups. The go-live of the Atkins web shop and the scheduled implementation of Hatch (measuring of transactions with external retailers), a CRM full of relevant data and the possibility of sending Predictive LTV modelling to Analytics will help us turn these insights into concrete value.

This case was nominated for the Dutch Search Awards 2017 in the category of Best SEO Campaign. 

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