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Win 'the war for talent'!

The job market is turned upside down: for the first time in 50 years, there are more vacancies than job seekers. For our clients, we are always looking for innovations within the recruitment world. We want to be at the forefront, but above all, use advertising budgets as effectively as possible. For Continu Professionals, we came up with a smart solution to spend budgets even more efficiently. About 14% of the total budget went to locations where there was no vacancy available within a 40 km radius. What a waste! Thanks to an automated solution with a self-designed script and significant changes in the campaign structure, enriched ad campaigns now run per specialty instead of per region. In this case study, you can read how we did it.


Meet the client.

Continu Professionals focuses on the construction, engineering, civil engineering, and public & housing association sectors in 9 different fields of expertise. The company has been in existence for 25 years and has nationwide coverage. Currently, it has over 2,500 vacancies in its portfolio, both for starters and experienced professionals. In recent years, it has made several acquisitions, resulting in strong growth in the company and the number of professionals. The organization is known for its personal approach. It helps professionals advance in their careers and assists employers in realizing their growth ambitions. The core values of Continu are growth, courage, and trust.

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Challenging job market

An important strategic theme for Continu is a clear performance tactic per industry and region. After the merger with several acquired companies, the campaign budget has been significantly increased compared to last year, with a view to growth in 2021. It is important to keep the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) under control. The monthly budget is budget-driven, aimed at achieving as many high-quality applications as possible at the lowest possible CPA.

The baseline measurement showed that 14% of the budget was lost due to inefficient location targeting. "A considerable amount of money was spent on locations where there was no vacancy available within a 40 km radius. And that is a waste!" says Dennis Westerbeek, Digital Advertising Marketeer at Adwise. We went to work on that.

From manual to automated targeting

Step 1.

Because accurate location targeting contributes to more relevant advertisements, our specialists devised an automated solution with a self-designed script for location targeting. With the help of data-driven automation, no more money is wasted on regions where certain vacancies simply do not exist. This makes it possible to increase the number of applications with the same budget and also reduce the cost per application.

From manual to automated targeting

Step 2.

Instead of campaigns per region, we have set up campaigns per field of expertise. By enriching these campaigns with dynamic search ads, we capture all relevant search queries. The URL structure contains the mentioned fields of expertise, allowing us to crawl the correct URLs per campaign. Additionally, we were able to use Channable's job feed as a dynamic search ad. This feed also forms the basis of our automated solution.

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From manual to automated targeting

Step 3.

The feed is refreshed three times a day. Based on the location of the vacancy, the corresponding coordinates are determined so that the script draws a radius around vacancies. Any errors in the input are filtered by a Google Ads script. Depending on the willingness to travel of the target audience, the radius of location targets can be adjusted per field of expertise. For example, ads for high-tech are only visible near the location of the vacancy due to the high demand for these specialists.


In numbers.


Reduction in CPA


Increase in number of job applications


Increase in conversion rate

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Explanation of the results

Exceeded targets.

The achieved results have more than exceeded the objectives. The number of applications has quadrupled while costs have increased by only 22%. Our script ensured that the budget was spent more fully and efficiently (up to 100%). "We no longer attract visitors who end up on the website via the advertisement and drop out because the vacancies are not in their region. In other words, the job seekers we attract are much better and more relevantly served with advertisements."

More widely applicable

The solution saves a lot of time since location targeting is no longer manually adjusted. Since the job offer changes multiple times a day and is not evenly distributed across regions, this saves a considerable amount of time. Time that can now be used to win the war for talent. Our solution allocates the budget as efficiently as possible, generating visibility for new job vacancies. It is applicable on a broader scale.

"We are always striving for the best, most relevant, and efficient results by working together optimally on all marketing fronts. Our departments jointly shape innovations, and data and advertising work closely together. We closely follow the dynamic world to offer our clients the advantage of staying ahead in the market." - Dennis Westerbeek, Advertising Specialist 

The method can be relatively easily applied to other clients where location plays a role. The great advantage of our approach is that it consolidates the account. The algorithm receives sufficient input while still remaining as relevant as possible to your target audience.



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