Going viral with 500 euros and the iPhone XS

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Going viral with 500 euros and the iPhone XS

Largest iPhone repair platform in the Benelux area

FixjeiPhone is the largest iPhone repair platform in the Benelux area. To be seen as a leading authority in the market, a good SEO strategy is essential. An important part of FixjeiPhone SEO strategy is link building, and there is more to link building than gathering a few external links. As a website specialising in repair parts, the standard link building pond gets emptied out rather quickly Moreover, it is relatively hard to get links from large tech sites (like Tweakers, iCulture, Appletips, Iphoned…). These teams greatly value objectivity. To obtain links of this calibre, you need a creative and innovative strategy.

This case has been nominated for:
- Search Engine Land Awards
- European Search Awards
- Dutch Search Awards
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SEO strategy

At a higher level.

To help them be seen as a leading authority in a highly competitive market, we collaborated with FixjeiPhone to create a link bait SEO strategy. Thanks to a viral campaign involving the new iPhone XS, we were able to not just have a scoop with the latest Phone, but also obtain thousands of back links from the largest tech websites in the world!

The holy grail of tech sites

A scoop with the latest iPhone.

Having the scoop with the release of the latest iPhone is the holy grail of large tech websites. Such a scoop is also a perfect technique to launch a link bait campaign. This ensures that you are seen as a leading player in the market, and also means that your website is the source of the important news, generating PR and the corresponding (exponential) increase in back links. To ensure that our strategy was a success, it was all about preparation, networking and speed. To create an optimal snowballing effect for our viral campaign, we gave thought to every single detail, from obtaining the iPhone XS (before the official release date) to establishing contact with influencers, outreach campaigns and social marketing to disseminate the official release video.

International reach

A scoop with the latest iPhone.

The most important objective of this campaign, namely to obtain back links from Tweakers, iCulture, iPhoned and Appletips, was achieved on the very first day after the release! But the success kept on growing and even gained a lot of traction internationally. Overall, it resulted in 1.800 back links from 198 unique websites. Normally, it takes several days for Google to crawl these back links and up the PageRank of the independent FixjeiPhone URLs as a result. The first few months after we obtained the first couple of back links, the effects on traffic and turnover remained minor, but after around 6 months, we saw an exponential increase in traffic and turnover from SEO. In the end, we achieved a turnover increase of 90% and a traffic increase of 56%!


National and international awards.

This growth is a result of the fact that FixjeiPhone is now suddenly able to compete on the most competitive keywords, thanks to the massive increase in high-quality back links. For example, FixjeiPhone is now in the top 5 search results for all sorts of search term combinations involving ‘refurbished iPhone’.

However, these excellent numbers were not our only reward for this case. It also won a number of leading national and international awards.

  • Only Dutch SEO nomination in the Search Engine Land Awards in the category of Best SEO Campaign - Small Business
  • Only Dutch SEO nomination in the European Search Awards in the categories of Best SEO Campaign & Best Low Budget Campaign
  • Nominated for the Dutch Search Awards in the categories of Best SEO Campaign & Best Low Budget Campaign

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