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Unique example of fan engagement by Heracles Almelo

Through hyper-personalization via Voice and WhatsApp
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Leader in brand experience

Hyper-personalization is the key to creating unique customer experiences that drive growth, success, and brand engagement. For Heracles Almelo, we have linked 100+ data points and individually surprised fans with personalized messages from their favorite players via Voice and WhatsApp. An unprecedented example of fan engagement in the Dutch football world.

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Uniek voorbeeld van fan engagement Heracles Almelo

Door hyper personalisatie via Voice en WhatsApp.

Uniek voorbeeld van fan engagement Heracles Almelo

Door hyper personalisatie via Voice en WhatsApp.

Case video

Koploper in merkbeleving.

Heracles Almelo en fans dichterbij dan ooit

Koploper in merkbeleving.

Hyper personalisatie is de sleutel voor het creëren van unieke klantervaringen die leiden tot groei, succes en engagement met je merk. Hoe creëer je dan een customer journey waarbij kanalen naadloos op elkaar aansluiten en je zorgt voor die ultieme, persoonlijke merkbeleving? Voor Heracles Almelo hebben we 100+ datapunten gekoppeld en fans een-op-een verrast met gepersonaliseerde berichten van hun favoriete spelers via Voice en WhatsApp. Een nog niet eerder vertoond voorbeeld van fan engagement in de Nederlandse voetbalwereld.

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Boost for a new season start

Fans and club closer than ever before.

As the first football club in the Netherlands, Heracles utilizes channels like WhatsApp and Voice to connect with fans on a one-on-one basis. Through an automated loyalty campaign, fans, the club, and players of Heracles Almelo came closer together than ever before. The ultimate form of brand experience.

Challenge and solution

Combining creativity and innovation.

Expanding the fan base is challenging due to the geographical limitation (small area) and competition. To systematically grow the target audience, multichannel messaging in the form of WhatsApp, through the omnichannel partner Messagebird, was implemented.

The goal? Achieve higher conversion rates compared to traditional channels like email, engage the fanbase more with the club, show extra appreciation to loyal supporters for their support, and facilitate faster communication.


Erve Asito

Strategie en implementatie

Marketing automation via voorkeurskanalen.

Als de binding met Heracles toeneemt, de club toegankelijker wordt en supporters een persoonlijke merkbeleving krijgen, zullen meer mensen het stadion bezoeken. Om dat te bereiken hebben we geautomatiseerde campagnes opgezet waarbij Voice, WhatsApp, Social Media en de website zijn gecombineerd tot een hyper gepersonaliseerde customer journey voor de ultieme fan ervaring. 

Use of Voice

Personal thank you from players.

Season ticket holders received an automated phone call with a message from one of their favorite Heracles players. They were thanked for renewing their season ticket. They were also informed that they would receive a WhatsApp message to forward to friends, family, or fellow Heracles supporters.

WhatsApp messaging

For an even broader reach.

As a follow-up to the phone call, a WhatsApp message is sent with a video featuring a Heracles player encouraging the renewal of season tickets. Recipients could forward this message to friends, family, or fellow Heracles supporters, thereby reaching an even larger target audience.

Social Media posts

Player buzz.

As receiving automated calls and WhatsApp messages from a company is relatively new in the Netherlands, Heracles Almelo promoted their new campaigns to their supporters through social media channels, generating a lot of online buzz. The fact that several Heracles players participated in the campaign particularly sparked excitement, with people sharing who they had received calls from. The combination of personalization and "contact with the players' group" resonated extremely well.

Winning strategy

Right target audience, right impact.

The selected target audience, season ticket holders who had already renewed, is most likely to share something on social media about their renewal and has the highest number of Heracles supporters/people from Almelo and surrounding areas in their network. This way, the message is optimally delivered in the right environment.

Especially during a less successful period in terms of sports performance, innovative channels, personal messages, and the right strategy have significantly contributed to a fuller stadium and increased engagement with the club on the path to the desired promotion.


+ 3.000 opt-ins

Huge database enrichment with first-party data



WhatsApp open ratio

+- 50%

Percentage of answered phone calls

About the collaboration

Maintaining and expanding the lead.

The unique use of marketing automation and WhatsApp in collaboration with MessageBird has clearly made a significant impact and demonstrates the importance of innovation within the partnership with Heracles Almelo, which Marketing Coordinator Frank Merjenburgh describes as "excellent."

Heracles Almelo and Adwise

Endless automation possibilities

Visibility on records.

The focus on continuous innovation is emphasized through new WhatsApp campaigns surrounding the Heracles kids club, season ticket transfers, and the sale of half-season tickets. The potential of using marketing automation and channels like WhatsApp is immense.

"Reaching 7,400 season ticket holders is a record. We want to surpass that, and maybe even more," says Frank, who remains relentlessly ambitious.


Harness the opportunities of marketing automation

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