Augmented reality with Snapchat

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Augmented reality with Snapchat

Snapchat is booming!

And Heracles is happy to make use of it, with our help. The club wants to be innovative, including when it comes to online marketing. Snapchat is the perfect medium for that, because it offers cool possibilities for companies to promote their brand or organization – for example, the well-known geo filters, and the still relatively unknown World Lens. We implemented an innovative World Lens campaign for Heracles. Through augmented reality, Heracles fans were given the chance to turn the streets black-and-white in the weeks leading up to the Heracles – FC Twente derby. This new Snapchat option allowed Heracles to put itself on the map amongst its fans in an innovative way. Keep reading about this case to find out how we handled this.

Using the Snapchat World Lens

for Heracles.

Heracles wants to be an innovative soccer club and propagate this image as much as possible, including on social media. Snapchat is the perfect medium for that, because it allows you to experiment to your heart’s content with augmented reality. You’re undoubtedly familiar with those Snapchat filters you can use to add puppy dog ears or a little crown to your face. However, the Snapchat World Lens allows you to also use the normal camera (i.e. the outward-facing camera) and decorate the world around you with, say, rainbows and stars. The perfect way to add generate some excitement about the Heracles – FC Twente derby in 2018.

Heracles World Lens

for Snapchat.

Using the Heracles World Lens, fans hung up banners, scarves and other decorations in the real world, virtually, using their smartphone screens and the Snapchat app. They could drag the objects around and pinch to change their size. Once placed, the objects would stay up on the screen, as though they were actually there in real life, being viewed through the camera. This way, fans decorated real-world locations in black-and-white to show how ready they were for the derby!

The World Lens

in practice.

To promote the World Lens, Heracles shared the news on their social media channels. The World Lens is a relatively new Snapchat feature, so we made sure to really explain to the target audience how to use it. Curious about what the World Lens looks like? Scan the code using your Snapchat app, after which the lens will be active for 24 hours, or go to this page.


The results of the Heracles World Lens exceeded our expectations. It was viewed an impressive 27,659 times, and scanned (i.e. the number of times it was swiped through/the number of times users saw the filter while creating a snap), and it was shared 1,695 times.

Brands are hardly making use of the World Lens feature as of yet, meaning that it was the perfect way for us to satisfy Heracles’ desire to be innovative. The results show that the target audience is whole-heartedly embracing said innovativeness, so we will definitely continue to use Snapchat in the future. We’re happy to have helped in this cool campaign to turn the streets black-and-white! On top of that, this case also helped us achieve a Certified lens Creative Partnership with Snapchat.

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