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Lead generation and data-as-a-service, HP's winning mix

HP is a global manufacturer of computers, laptops, printers and 3D solutions. The company is active in both the business to business (B2B) as the business to consumer industry (B2C). Resellers are their most important sales channel within the B2B playing field. HP set up a partner program in order to support resellers with e.g. marketing activities. Adwise helped HP develop this unique partner program with which HP can collaborate efficiently with its resellers to generate more business.

The challenge

Lead generation and a new business model .

HP challenged us to optimize their digital strategy in order to generate more leads. We did that succesfully with the number of leads increasing by 260% while costs per lead decreased with -228%.

A general trend in the market is the shift from collaborating with an agency to developing an in-house agency. This trend also applies to HP and its resellers. These resellers have already developed a strong marketing strategy for themselves, maintained by an in-house team. That brought HP to Adwise with the question for advice regarding the set-up of a new business model to make their partner program more attractive to resellers with their own lead generation strategy. The result? A data-as-a-service proposition which resulted in a new reseller joining HP's partner program within the first week.

New business model

Including a concrete roadmap .

The final outcome was the development of a new data-driven proposition. This new proposition was drawn up for HP's partners which already had a well-performing lead generation strategy in place. In additon to order history, HP has access to unique data about online behaviour of its target group. Combining, analyzing and anonimizing this data provides HP with unique insights into the market which they can share with their partners. With the use of smart algorithms, it is even possible for HP to share unique insights at lead-level with partners in order for them to improve their lead-to-customer ratio. 

In addition, Adwise has developed a concrete roadmap which includes the necessary steps to take regarding the technical landscape (ecosystem), data preperation, the required internal and external data sources and advice concerning the 'in-house vs outsourcing dilemma'. 

The result

The ideal mix.

After implementing the ideal mix, HP has a unique proposition with the following results :

  • 260% more leads 
  • 228% less costs per lead
  • A succesful formula for partners for the purpose of lead generation  
  • A unique proposition for a long-term partnership 
  • A future proof business model  
  • Addtional data for own innovation projects and product development 
From gut feeling to an effective strategy

Lead generation & lead nurturing

In three steps.

Three pillars occupy centre stage in this strategy :

  1. The (right) target group 
  2. Effective channel strategy
  3. A data-driven lead nurturing tactic


Step 1

Target group analysis.

The first strategic step is performing a target group analysis. This is important in order to determine the touchpoints and the associated content. The analysis also forms the basis for the next strategic steps. We constructed the target audience analysis with the followin elements : 

  • Keyword analysis
  • Data analysis of HP's online platforms 
  • Social listening 
  • Qualitative research (interviews) 

We used the results to determine the content strategy and associated topics that would guide HP's content platform. This is the platform where leads would orient themselves and get the possibility to download content, which is an important touchpoint within the lead generation strategy. 

Step 2

An effective channel strategy .

We generatad more traffic for HP's content platform through paid media. The channel strategy, choice of channels and the right media budget allowed us to use more specific targeting and publish relevant content on the right platforms. 

Step 3

A data driven lead nurturing tactic .

We set up an e-mailflow within Clang's e-mail software in order to nurture the leads. Leads were then assigned a score based on data after which leads with the right score were forwarded to partners. 

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