60% more leads for Qredits thanks to data-driven personalization

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Data-driven personalization

From the very beginning, we have worked with Qredits. It all started with the development and management of the social lender's website and customer portal. As a result, there is a lot of data available that hadn't really been used until recently. And that's a real shame, of course. In this case, you can read how we further optimized online marketing with Qredits based on data. As a result, Qredits now offers the right content for every target group at every touchpoint. The result? A whopping 60% more conversions! Furthermore, the costs per application have dropped considerably. And – last but not least – there is a good foundation for the further roll-out of personalised campaigns.


Meet the client.

Qredits helps entrepreneurs to successfully start up and invest in their company. The micro financier not only provides start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises with business loans of up to 250,000 euros, but also offers entrepreneurs knowledge through coaching and training. Qredits cooperates with reliable partners such as the Volksbank, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The main target group consists of start-ups, young companies and companies that have existed for some time and want to continue growing. Qredits distinguishes itself in its approach by a lot of personal attention and flexibility.

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The objective with Qredits

Getting to know the target groups.

Based on the need to help entrepreneurs get started as much as possible, Qredits has developed a substantial supply of content. This ensures, among other things, good findability and service to the potential target group, but also a confusing situation in which it is difficult to get a grip on the customer journey and conversion per person. Qredits did not know exactly who belonged to which target group, which characteristics the different target groups had and which touchpoints in the customer journey are important for ultimately making a credit application.

The main objective of this case is therefore to gain an understanding of the target groups that come to visit Qredits.nl  based on available data. The soft conversions that play a role in the customer journey before a conversion is made are also important here. As a result, potential customers must ultimately be triggered at the right time with the help of the right campaigns and content.


Optimalisatie van de customer journey

Personalisatie met data.

Adwise heeft veel expertise in huis op het gebied van marketplaces-strategie. Om succesvol te zijn, en te blijven, op marketplaces kijken we bij Adwise steevast naar een zestal pilaren; Assortiment, Techniek, Content, Pricing, Advertising en Reputatie. In deze strategie met Specishops mocht Adwise zich over alle zes marketplaces pilaren geheel ontfermen. 

1. Comprehensive data analysis

For segment selection.

“We analyzed data from Google Analytics and Salesforce and looked at patterns in order to arrive at target groups and their most important properties. Cariene van Aart, Performance Manager at Adwise: “From six segments, we selected the three most promising: starters, young entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs who want to take the next step.”

With different models and analyses, three touchpoints were ultimately selected with the highest probability of a credit application per segment. “Here we propose business rules that we introduce in Squeezely.”

2. Development of landing pages

Tailor-made content.

In addition, specific landing pages with useful content have been developed for each segment. These not only ensure that the target group converts better, but also serve as a mechanism for the target group to identify itself.

3. Setting up campaigns

Facebook, Instagram, Display.

With the help of Squeezely, campaigns are set up on any desired channel, so that every target group gets the right content when they are most receptive to it. There are initially selected campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads (in this case Google Display).


4. Optimization and personalization

In three phases.

“After the first campaigns went live, we continued to fine-tune and tweak, in order to optimize the results. The entire customer journey is personalized. “We use three phases in these campaigns. Top-funnel - look-a-likes of website segments on target groups within platforms and interest - and mid-funnel - visitors without soft conversion, who have been on a segment page or have only viewed the conversion, for example. And finally, the bottom-funnel phase, which involves remarketing banners to make a credit application,” explains Van Aart.

Main results

More leads, less costs.

60% increase

In credit applications

36% increase

In soft conversions

Decreased costs per credit application

Why Qredits' media budget could be lowered

Adwise and Qredits


Personalization works.

Prior to the case Qredits expressed the expectation of a 10% increase in the conversion rate for credit applications and 30% for soft conversions, such as downloads of business plans, useful templates or free online training courses. These expectations have therefore been exceeded by far. Because the costs per credit application dropped significantly, Qredits was also able to adjust the media budget downwards.

The most important thing about this case, in addition to the great results, according to Cariene, is the proof that personalization works. “Adwise is a performance-driven agency, so it's great to see that the strategy you devised behind your desk works even better than you thought in practice. The model provides insight into the target group that visits Qredits.nl and provides a better understanding of the customer journey.”

Ester Renssen

Response from Qredits

Taking beautiful steps together.

Adwise is a sustainable sparring partner for Qredits. Adwise challenges us and understands us well. That's why it's great to see that the steps we have taken together in the area of customer profiling and the use of Squeezely for serving personalized content have greatly stimulated the conversion results!

Ester Renssen Manager Marketing Qredits
Ester Renssen Manager Marketing Qredits

Future plans

Scaling up to more platforms.

We are currently working hard on the further optimization of all content, both on the website and on the advertising platforms. In addition, we have plans to expand the number of channels and are looking for ways to identify target groups even faster. The personalization options with data are endless and we want to bring Qredits even closer to the target group.

“Qredits wants to help all entrepreneurs as much as possible, regardless of their position. The foundation is now in place. If we further optimize this data-driven full-funnel omnichannel approach, we can build on this for a long time to come"  - Cariene van Aart, Performance Manager Adwise
Cariene van Aart

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I would be happy to brainstorm with you.

Cariene van Aart, performance manager

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