Digital transformation into a packaging architect

Performance-driven Nedupack is more visible than ever before
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The power of performance marketing

A strong digital brand is more important than ever before. An effective digital strategy creates new growth opportunities and allows organizations to think on a larger scale consistently. Thanks to a successful brand transformation and organization-wide marketing performance strategy, packaging specialist Nedupack is now growing as a digital brand beyond what it had imagined possible.

Challenge and question

Increased visibility, more leads.

Packaging manufacturer Nedupack primarily generated new business through trade shows. Driven in part by COVID, the need for a digital strategy, increased online visibility, and online lead generation grew. "We had a website, but we never received leads," says Dennis Fidom, Sales Manager at Nedupack. Nedupack had to join the digital world.

From audit to strategy

Translating goals.

A collaboration with Adwise begins with an audit. The pain points and opportunities of Nedupack identified during this process serve as the foundation for translating business objectives into a strategic marketing plan. The key steps involve repackaging and translating the brand identity and implementing a data-driven performance plan centered around an optimal channel mix.

Van audit naar strategie

Een samenwerking met Adwise start met een audit. De pijnpunten en kansen van Nedupack die hier in kaart worden gebracht, vormen de basis voor de doorvertaling van de bedrijfsdoelstellingen naar een strategisch marketing plan. De belangrijkste stappen: het opnieuw verpakken en doorvertalen van de merkidentiteit, contentproductie, kadering van doelgroepen en daarna een data-gedreven performance plan rondom Nedupack's kanalenmix.

Meer over audits

A powerful identity

Not just a manufacturer, but an architect.

Creative, resourceful, and visionary. Nedupack is a creator. Through a stronger translation of its brand identity, Nedupack now presents itself as 'the packaging architect.' Alongside a new logo and visual identity, the Nedupack brand becomes stronger, more recognizable, and more purposefully communicated across all touchpoints and channels. This creates a consistent brand experience that stands out in the market.

More about audits

Performance strategy

Growing with a plan.

To consistently achieve business objectives such as online lead generation, Nedupack has designed a strategic plan. Based on three strategic themes, the translation into performance has been made, where the fixed Adwise way-of-work structures and optimizes Nedupack's marketing efforts. Starting from the optimal channel mix (see below), content development and campaign rollout can be initiated.

Channel deployment

A winning mix.

Digital Advertising

Search and Display campaigns targeting the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany



Implementing significant improvements on landing pages based on search term analyses.

Social Media + website

Content development based on a clear content strategy.

Social Advertising

Next step: rolling out social ad campaigns.

Winnende strategie

Juiste doelgroep, juiste lading.

Nedupack is middels een marketing audit en strategie bij Adwise gekomen in oktober 2020. Hieruit zijn de kansen en pijnpunten naar boven gekomen. We zijn gestart met het doorvertalen van onze identiteit naar het logo. Hierbij is gekomen tot Nedupack, dé verpakkingsarchitect. Hierna hebben we dit doorvertaald naar contentuitingen.

In-house content creation

Through WisePeople.

The development of the content strategy and content production for Nedupack is carried out in collaboration with WisePeople. Adwise content specialist Britt works on-site through WisePeople to create and share new content based on the identified needs on Nedupack's social media platforms and website. This way, Nedupack, without its own marketing team, is ensured of essential and high-quality content development.

Collaboration and fine-tuning

Personalized and data-driven.

A performance partnership entails continuously monitoring and adjusting results as needed. Nedupack leaves no potential untapped. Through multiple cycles, constant evaluation, prioritization, and optimization take place. This occurs annually at a strategic level and monthly at an operational level. In this way, the right choices are always made for maximum results, everywhere and at all times.


Structual digital growth.

More and better leads, overall growth on reach and website traffic, and more visibility with a stronger digital brand. With a performance-driven marketing strategy as a rock-solid foundation, Nedupack is now growing structurally. The packaging architect is not only hooked into the digital world, but has even taken the lead in this in its own market.

More visibility

Thanks to more powerful translation of brand identity into campaigns and content strategy.

More website conversions

Online lead generation thanks to the right sales funnels.

Growth in online traffic

Driven by better campaign, website and social content.

Data-driven optimization

Based on data insights, strategic adjustments are made as needed. 

Increased brand interaction and engagement

Increased online engagement with different audiences.

More value for service

Increased awareness and better marketing of service provided.

Framed target groups

Clear profiles of target audiences and their customer journeys.

'We're maybe 5 steps ahead'

Proud on growth and identity.

The brand transformation and digital transition are creating pride and satisfaction at Nedupack. In an interview, Dennis, Sales Manager at Nedupack, talks about the success and impact of Nedupack's digitalization, the collaboration with Adwise and goals for the future. ''We are now maybe 5 steps ahead of fellow firms in the market''. 

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Nedupack Adwise

Blik op de toekomst

Zicht op records.

Dat vernieuwen het doel blijft, wordt onderstreept met o.a. nieuwe WhatsApp campagnes rondom de Heracles kidsclub, het doorgeven van seizoenkaarten en de verkoop van halve seizoenkaarten. De mogelijkheden van de inzet van marketing automation en kanalen als WhatsApp zijn enorm.

''7.400 seizoenkaarthouders halen is een record. Daar willen we voorbij, en misschien nog wel meer'' aldus Frank, die onverminderd ambitieus blijft. 

Aan de slag met performance

Daag ons uit met jouw marketing vraagstuk

Challenge us.

Also grow your brand structurally

With a performance strategy.

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