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The challenge

About 2 years ago, NL Jobs approached Adwise with the task of helping to professionalize their marketing. They needed a new website that would be easily discoverable in multiple languages and would function effectively abroad, with the goal of bringing as many laborers as possible to the Netherlands. NL Jobs operates in the job market in Poland, Romania, Latvia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, and the Netherlands. Additionally, they certainly do not exclude other parts of (Eastern) Europe. The challenge for the new website was in its multilingualism, differing needs for each country, and integrating these multilingual websites with the ATS system (Applicant Tracking System). This is where NL Jobs keeps track of all applications, statuses, and workplace data.

NL Jobs

Meet the client.

NL Jobs was founded in 2002 by four of the largest Dutch tomato growers. The owners of Agro Care, CombiVliet, Lans & Looye Kwekers are also the owners of NL Jobs. Moreover, these companies are also the biggest clients of NL Jobs. NL Jobs has over 2,500 satisfied employees working daily. Besides greenhouse horticulture, NL Jobs also provides employees for the agriculture, production, logistics, and technical industries. With 3 offices in the Netherlands and 10 recruitment offices in (Eastern) Europe, NL Jobs is always close by. Bringing motivated candidates and wonderful Dutch companies together is their core business. This includes all aspects that are involved, such as transportation, arranging the right documents, housing, and personal support.

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NL Jobs

The approach

The team immediately started sketching out the website. We wanted to create as clear a picture as possible of how we could best implement the integration with the ATS, so we created a detailed sketch both visually and technically. Using the NL Jobs brand colors, we designed a clean homepage with a focus on job vacancies. What is unique about this website is that we have used smart technology to ensure that it does not matter where the visitor is in Europe, the website and chatbot automatically respond in the correct language. If someone from Poland visits the website, the chatbot will approach them in Polish. But if someone from Ukraine visits the website from the Netherlands, they will still be approached in Ukrainian. This is a huge benefit that makes the website very user-friendly for everyone.

nljobs employees

Additionally, we run various campaigns for NL Jobs to attract potential candidates to the website. Currently, we are running all types of Google ads for NL Jobs, including search, branded and non-branded, display, and performance max. We use Facebook and Instagram and are now also testing on Snapchat, where we see a lot of traffic at an attractive rate. In our campaigns, we try to focus on the Netherlands, life and work in the Netherlands, and create the most realistic image possible. We don't promise mountains of gold but try to build a sustainable relationship with potential candidates.

In the current time, we face various challenges. These include high gas prices that result in less lighting and lower temperatures in the greenhouses, resulting in fewer tomatoes and therefore fewer workers needed. Factors such as culture, war, and national laws and regulations mean that marketing activities must constantly be re-evaluated to guarantee a stable influx of employees.


For the best result, we don't focus on a hard CPA (cost per applicant) or CPH (cost per hire) for NL Jobs, but rather strive for a stable influx of applicants. This way, we provide NL Jobs with stability and enable them to better manage the influx of over 1000 applicants per month.

To give an idea of these costs, it is best to compare them to the CPA (cost per applicant) for Dutch companies. While in the Netherlands, you would quickly be looking at a CPA of €250,-, we have managed to reduce this to €5,- per CPA for NL Jobs, thanks to the smart technologies on the website.


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Response from NL Jobs

"Thanks to the intensive collaboration between NL Jobs and Adwise, we have gained more control over the influx of labor, can work with a budget and bring focus to different countries. As a result, we can take the steps we have in mind as a company."

Brian Lexmond Marketing & PR manager NL Jobs
Brian Lexmond Marketing & PR manager NL Jobs
Wilco Nieuwenhuis, Adwise

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