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Creating a good atmosphere

Prominent had its website redesigned, with atmosphere and experience being key aspects. The big question was whether the new design would also be an improvement in terms of functionality. In other words, can visitors find their way around the new design? By letting the target group go through various scenarios of the new design by means of User Testing, we eventually identified 74 obstacles that were tackled before going live. As a result, the visitor to the site now experiences a positive atmosphere, the User eXperience is as optimal as possible and conversion has improved.


Meet the client.

Prominent is the #1 specialist when it comes to comfortable and stylish chairs and sofas. With a wide range of armchairs, lift chairs, recliners and seats designed in-house. For more than 20 years, Prominent has been helping people find the perfect seat. Seating comfort with optimal support from head to toe in a chair or on a couch that is 100% made to measure. Prominent also offers the possibility to design your chair or couch entirely to your own preferences. Important pillars of Prominent are innovation, Dutch design and 100% customization.

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Strategy and objectives

Prominent faced the challenge of going live with a newly designed website, with a completely different approach. The question here was whether the new design was also an improvement of the current website. The redesign emphasizes atmosphere and experience and has a different look and feel. But can visitors find their way on the website? And select and design the right products? In short: is the User eXperience optimal in the new design?

By carrying out a User Test in our UX Lab  specially designed for Prominent's target group, we identified obstacles that we were able to resolve before the new design went live. The objective is to prevent the user experience of visitors from being perceived as worse and that they cannot find their way around the website.

Drawing up the user test script

Questions and tasks.

After the questions and the objective of the User Test had been drawn up, we started the process by taking the following steps. Before you can actually test, you must first create a user test script. This script consists of questions and tasks for the respondents, in which the experiences are mapped out. An example of a question from the test is:

“Find a couch for your living room according to your own preferences. For convenience, use your own living room to determine the size."

The tasks relate, among other things, to assembling the products, experience in the ordering process, requesting a magazine and booking an appointment in store.

Performance of the User Test

In the Adwise UX lab.

The User Test is carried out in our UX Lab. This lab consists of a living room and observation room including a special ‘police wall’! The room is made to look homely, so testers feel calm and comfortable and test results are not affected. Eye movements are recorded by the Tobii eye tracker and people can watch live on the tester's screen from the observation room. The screen, image of the tester, sound and eye tracking are recorded and merged.

De juiste doelgroep

verschillende respondenten.

Vanuit de doelgroep van Prominent zijn er vijf respondenten die hebben deelgenomen aan de test. De vijf testers zorgden voor het vinden van 80% van de obstakels (onderzoek Nielsen Norman Group, die foto hieronder). Deze respondenten gaan het nieuwe design testen op mobiel en desktop aan de hand van het opgestelde script, begeleidt door een moderator. De moderator stelt hierbij de vragen aan de respondent. Hiervoor is gekozen, zodat er eventuele verdiepingsvragen gesteld kunnen worden. Bij de test is er naast een man of vrouw ook een echtpaar geweest die de website gezamenlijk hebben getest.

5 respondents

Woman 25 years
Woman 55 years
Couple of 69 and 73 years old
Male 55 years
Male 73 years


3x desktop - UX Lab
2x mobile - UX Lab


The test was performed on desktop and mobile based on a test script. A moderator was present during the tests.

UX lab Adwise

Test results

74 obstacles identified.

The user test revealed a total of 74 obstacles. These related in most cases to the user experience of the tester. From the test it became clear that the new design was experienced as very atmospheric with a good look and feel and beautiful photography. The obstacles noted were mainly related to functional use. For example, it was not so easy for testers to find the right products and/or place them in the shopping cart. This sense was confirmed in the test: the new design was a strong improvement on the look and feel, but had compromised on functionality.

Ralf van Vreden

Response from Prominent

Satisfied with valuable insights.

Prior to the launch of our redesigned website, we tested several use cases and KPIs with our intended target audiences. Important factors in this were the feeling and response to the redesigns and the overall user-friendliness of the elements on both mobile and desktop. We want to reach a broader target audience with our assortment and the new website. Testing our new website with users within this target audience provided us with valuable insights to improve conversion and UX.

Ralf van Vreden SEO specialist / Product Owner Prominent
Ralf van Vreden SEO specialist / Product Owner Prominent
Martijn Takens, Adwise

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