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New platform for entrepreneurs

For Qredits, we designed and developed ‘My Qredits’. Qredits uses this unique platform to support starting and existing entrepreneurs by offering fully personalised trajectory tools, coaching, e-learning courses and credit solutions. They offer both personal attention and flexibility to help entrepreneurs take the necessary steps to be successful.

About Qredits

Microfinancing in the Netherlands.

Qredits is a private non-profit foundation that helps entrepreneurs in the Netherlands make a successful start or invest more in their company by offering credit up to € 250,000, coaching and tools. Qredits has provided a total of 150 million euros in financing to over 7,300 entrepreneurs over the years. The organisation has 55 permanent staff and 650 coaches who work on a voluntary basis. As such, Qredits is the largest credit provider (excepting commercial banks) for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands.

Support for starters

Over 7,500 affiliated entrepreneurs..

Say you are a bicycle mechanic just starting out. You do a good job and love your craft, but all of the administrative obligations that come with being an entrepreneur are a bit out of your league as of yet. Qredits has the solution, supporting (starting) entrepreneurs with whatever they need at that specific point in time. For example, you could use the business plan template or one of the many other entrepreneuring tools, such as the e-learning course in writing a sales plan. Over 7,500 other entrepreneurs have already made use of it, which is the equivalent of 50% of all starting entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Of perhaps you would benefit more from personal coaching regarding marketing and sales. Trusting in the power of entrepreneurship, a wide range of opportunities are at your service – opportunities that will help any entrepreneur to be successful.

Qredits wants to go beyond supplying credit and provide entrepreneurs with full-range support in their business operations, providing all of the necessary information and tools through custom content. They already offered a combination of tools, coaching and credit solutions for (starting) entrepreneurs. But they wanted to know how to make their offering even more personal, more social, more connective. Adwise was assigned the wonderful job of translating this desire into the organisation’s online environment and provide Qredits with support in this area, ranging from marketing to usability and from company processes to development.

Insight into the behaviour

of entrepreneurs.

To satisfy entrepreneurs’ needs, we not only developed a new responsive website, but also an automated personal platform, called ‘My Qredits’. This environment provides entrepreneurs with full support for their (starting) business operations and informs them wherever needed. The realisation of the new website is fully aligned with the new platform and contributes to better flow in the various trajectories of the affiliated entrepreneurs. The offering existing tools, coaching, e-learning courses and credit solutions has been so thoroughly personalised that every entrepreneur has their own, fully personal trajectory. Thanks to the platform, Qredits now has insight into the behaviour of entrepreneurs and their trajectory. If someone is stagnating, Qredits actively approaches them to discuss their options.

The purpose of ‘My environment’

Increasing the chances of success.

The objective of the ‘My environment’ is to enable starting entrepreneurs to easily apply for credit, and contribute as much as possible to the chances of success of the enterprise (93%). To do so, the entrepreneur receives wide-ranging support, from writing a business plan to successfully running their business, using tests, tools/templates and insights regarding current credit. The personal coach helps them make the right choices. In the ‘Coaching Plaza’, which functions kind of like a dating site, entrepreneurs can choose the coach that suits their needs best. On top of that, Qredits offers options for expanding the product range in a matter of weeks, whereas regular banks need a lot of time to connect/implement systems. This allows us to quickly and adequately respond to market needs. This is a unique feature of Qredits in the field of alternative financing.

Fully transparent

for entrepreneurs.

‘Back in 2012, I came up with the idea to set up a personal environment, and with Adwise’s aid, we’ve not done so,’ says Mark Abbes, Senior Communication Manager with Qredits. ‘It’s a marvellous step. The environment satisfies the varying needs of every entrepreneur. Our insight into the behaviour within the platform also enables us to provide users with active support. While banks are usually very opaque about filing business plans and obtaining financing, we are now 100% transparent.’


More credit applications and coaching programmes.

My Qredits has greatly contributed to the results. In January and February of 2016, credit application numbers rose by 14% compared to the same period in 2015. There were also many more requests for information about coaching (+166%) and more coaching programmes were sold (+56%).

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