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RRS and Adwise

Optimizing the appointment module

Clogged sewer? Don't stress. RRS. A slogan you may have seen or heard. Sewer Cleaning Service RRS is available 24/7 and throughout the Netherlands in the event of all kinds of sewer problems. You can imagine that RRS is faced with complex planning and all customers are assisted as soon as possible. To achieve this, RRS has an appointment tool on its website that allows customers to quickly and easily schedule an appointment at a time that suits them best. Together with RRS, we have further optimized this tool so that the appointments are confirmed digitally and people no longer have to wait on the phone. That is exactly what you need in case of an urgent sewer problem.

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An introduction.

Riool Reinigings Service (RRS) is the market leader in the Netherlands in solving sewer problems. For people in both rented and privately owned homes, RRS is available day and night to solve sewer problems.

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Riool Reinigings Service

RRS's request

Upgrading the appointment module and addressing staff capacity.

A well-functioning and compatible appointment module for any device is essential to make an appointment with RRS anytime and anywhere. Certain customer data is important to be able to deal with problems quickly. Think of location (postal code), problem location (in or around the house) and the nature of the problem. Data transmission must be fool-proof: you must be able to provide the information even without prior knowledge.

RRS worked with a very outdated module whereby booking an appointment was the only goal that could be achieved. In addition, RRS struggled to organize all appointments based on the technicians available per postal code location. In short, the main goals were to upgrade the appointment module and tackle a capacity problem.

Strategy and implementation

The main KPI of the project was to increase the funnel conversion. Because we were able to measure every step of the module, we also identified which steps had the most dropouts and where the greatest return could be achieved. In addition, the goal was to use Google Ads and Microsoft Ads budgets more efficiently based on the available capacity of technicians.

1. Back to basics

Mobile-first wireframe.

We completely redesigned the front-end of the appointment module. To this end, we started with a mobile-first wireframe. In doing so, we took into account the already existing back-end. This resulted in some limitations, especially in the order of the questions we were going to ask in the module.

2. Interim quality check

With user testing.

The previous step made it extra important to test in the interim whether we were on the right track. That's why we did a user test, in which we showed users both the new and the old appointment module. In this way, we found out what customers thought about the new appointment module and what could be improved.

3. Being prepared

With soft conversions.

We have also added soft conversions to the module. Should someone get stuck, for example when there are no appointment times available, we can still collect customer data and make an appointment afterward by telephone.

4. Using smarter budgets

Through a customized tool.

In order to spend advertising budgets for RRS in a more targeted way, we developed our own tool based on the number of technicians per postal code location (i.e. capacity planning). This tool converts postal code locations to Google postal code locations in order to be able to communicate with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. As a result, we can now enable or disable automated postal codes every hour in the online advertising campaigns for RRS based on the number of technicians available.

Adwise en RRS

1. Postcode doorgeven

Adwise en RRS

2. Probleem doorgeven

Adwise en RRS

3. Probleemlocatie doorgeven

Adwise en RRS

4. Probleem beschrijven

Adwise en RRS

5. Datum kiezen

Adwise en RRS

6/7. Afspraak maken en klaar!

In numbers

41% growth

In overall number of appointments

53,3% increase

In the flow of the appointment module

38% increase

In the number of requests from SEA

40% decrease

In cost per conversion

68% increase

Of the conversion rate


Explanation of results

Main objectives achieved.

  • The results of RRS are very seasonal and weather-dependent. For this reason, we have compared the results year-on-year over a longer period (Q1 2022 with Q1 2021).
  • The increased funnel conversion (flow of the entire module) means not only many more completed agreements, but also much more efficient marketing campaigns due to the combination with CRO.
  • The fact that, in addition to the significant reduction in costs, the number of clicks also dropped can be explained logically by the exclusion of postal code locations.
  • The more targeted and efficient use of the online advertising campaigns in combination with a greatly improved appointment module, RRS delivers more targeted requests at a lower cost per appointment. That was exactly the main objective we had determined in advance with RRS.
Gerdo Wolbers, RRS

Response from RRS

Happy with quick results.

At RRS, we are very satisfied with the combination of SEA and UX that Adwise has created. We have already seen great results in the first few months!

Gerdo Wolbers Marketing manager RRS
Gerdo Wolbers Marketing manager RRS

Conversion improvement

Not just a long-term strategy.

Conversion optimization is often seen as an additional cost item. One that only fits into a long-term strategy. And although this is true in many cases, in this case we have shown in collaboration with RRS that we can also create impact in the short term by means of conversion improvement.

"If you invest in (online) campaigns, also invest in conversion optimization to achieve the maximum results!" - Davey Stokkers, Head of SEA at Adwise
Davey Stokkers Adwise

Want to improve your conversions as well?

Davey, Adwise Head of SEA, is happy to assist you.

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