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35% sales growth thanks to smart campaign structure and budget regulation

with the help of a script developed in-house
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With no less than 200 separate search campaigns running, the Comafin Group came to us with the demand for a more efficient and effective advertising strategy. They had little data available and the conversions of the 110 franchisees were very fragmented. Thanks to the golden combination of Google Machine Learning and a 'budget regulation script’ developed in-house, we have reduced this to 21 compact campaigns in which budgets are spent 20% more effectively. Would you like to know how we did this? Read on.

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Thuisin en

Meet the client.

Thuisin and are retail formulas in the home furnishing industry of the fast-growing franchise organization De Comafin Groep. By making collective agreements with various manufacturers and suppliers for the entire group, Comafin offers its affiliated entrepreneurs good margins and purchasing advantages. In addition, the company is an expert in the field of marketing and customer approach and has developed advanced marketing tools per formula with a focus on digital commerce.

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Old vs. new situation

In the past, each Comafin entrepreneur was allocated its own Google Ads monthly budget within a campaign structure, with breakdowns per entrepreneur and per product group. The result was a total of more than 200 separate search campaigns, with little data and fragmented conversions in each campaign. This did not make this setting data-driven and the campaign management very inefficient. Thanks to a customized tool, there is now a compact, future-proof campaign structure and the budget distribution is demand-driven.

The objectives

Reduce the number of campaigns and improve the distribution of budgets.

The challenge was reducing and bringing together the number of campaigns, taking into account the use of budgets per entrepreneur and a local assortment. Because Google does not offer a standard solution, we developed a number of tools with the following primary objectives: Creating a compact, future-proof and efficiently manageable campaign structure:

  • Creating a compact, future-proof and efficiently manageable campaign structure
  • Achieve the possibility of demand-driven budget distribution across the campaigns and the product range
  • Achieve significant growth in store visits and cost reduction per store visit through Google Ads
  • Improve the quality of leads by 10% and achieve significant growth in offline sales per store

Step 1

From product driven to demand driven.

To ensure that entrepreneurs can allocate their own budgets in Google Ads, we have built a customized advanced scripting solution. Locations that Google recognizes in its API are linked to franchisee coverage areas. The script calculates the total ad costs incurred per location and gives each search campaign a priority score. This creates a demand-driven way of working, whereby budgets per store are used as efficiently as possible.

Step 2

From 200+ to 21 campaigns.

Because we can regulate budgets with our script, we significantly improved the campaign structure. The number of search campaigns decreased by no less than 179 to only 21. This is not only compact but also scalable and therefore future-proof.

Step 3


Use the store data from Comafin entrepreneurs as input for so-called Ad-customizers. It dynamically adjusts ads based on a match between a local branch and the location of a user searching in Google. As a result, a user searches Google for ads from the nearest Thuisin location.
After the ad click, a visitor will be redirected to a further personalized and localized landing page.


New situation

More revenue with the same budget.

In the new situation, instead of 200 fragmented campaigns, only 21 search campaigns remain. This is much more efficient to manage and is optimally designed for the use of Google Ads Machine Learning. Budgets are spent 20% more effectively and no longer unnecessarily go to product categories with little demand. With the same budgets, Thuisin entrepreneurs achieve more revenue than before, because their advertising is demand driven.


In numbers.


More effective budget spending


More store visits


Total revenue


Decrease in number of campaigns

UX lab Adwise


De resultaten van deze aanpak hebben enorme impact op de business van de opdrachtgever en de aangesloten ondernemers. Aan de kant van Adwise kan er zo veel tijd worden bespaard met de optimalisatie van de campagnes. Dit zijn de belangrijkste resultaten:

- Consolidatie van meer dan 200 separate search-campagnes naar 21 compacte campagnes, die efficiënt in beheer zijn en bovendien optimaal zijn ingericht voor het succesvol inzetten van Google Ads Machine Learning.

20% effectievere budgetbesteding binnen search, doordat er geen budget meer gaat naar productcategorieën met (te) weinig vraag. De situatie is nu volledig vraaggestuurd waardoor er meer budget wordt besteed aan belangrijkere productcategorieën.

Toename van 60% in winkelbezoeken/afspraken vóór de lockdown door Covid-19 en 40% na de lockdown. Daarnaast nam de totale omzet uit Google Ads op jaarbasis met 35% toe.

Met behulp van de verkregen inzichten is het budget van meerdere winkels verhoogd, omdat zij ook zichtbaar willen zijn in campagnes met een lagere prioriteit. In totaal gaat het om een toename van 20% ten opzichte van vorig jaar.


Thanks to the availability of more data and the efficient optimization of campaigns, the number of store visits for Thuisin and has significantly increased, and every euro is now being spent much more effectively. In addition, a long-term campaign structure is in place, and the budget savings provide room for new investments.

Willem Kottier Performance Manager
Willem Kottier Performance Manager
Willem Kottier, Adwise

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