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Euregional sustainability company

The new Twence website clearly puts across the ambition to not only be a waste processor, but a company that plays an important role in regional sustainability. The website forms the basis for online communication and various online marketing campaigns surrounding the repositioning of the Twence brand. Not only did the design of the website get a fresher look, the content was also renewed and the functionalities and navigation were improved. Furthermore, the different target groups are addressed in a more targeted way and the findability in search engines has also been considered. Take a look at the new website and discover how Twence is innovating, improving sustainability, and which projects and installations are required for this.

About Twence

Meet the client.

Twence processes household residual waste and industrial waste, vegetable, fruit and garden waste, non-reusable wood and bulky household waste, as well as construction and demolition waste in the Twente region. But it's no longer just about processing. Twence has developed into a Euregional sustainability company and is a source of raw materials and energy. For example, it captures CO2 for storage and reuse in sustainable carbon cycles, it supplies heat to the Grolsch brewery at the end of 2022 and expects to process the first manure in 2022 in a newly built installation in Zenderen. As a result, valuable raw materials and energy can be extracted from manure and reused. In this way it contributes in all sorts of ways to making the region more sustainable. Shareholders are 14 municipalities in Twente and Berkelland in the Dutch region of de Achterhoek. The company's head office is in Hengelo. A total of 270 employees work there.

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Twence repositioning

say what you mean to society.

Vision for repositioning
The fact that Twence is more than a waste processor is not always known to the general public. With a view to the need for better cooperation and the marketing of recovered raw materials, it is important for stakeholders and (potential) shareholders to know what Twence does, which processes and innovations it focuses on and which projects are underway. Potential candidates for vacancies at Twence also need to know what kind of employer they are, what interesting projects are underway and what vacancies there are. In the past, Twence mainly communicated offline with stakeholders. Not only is the company itself in transition, but the way of communicating also had to be overhauled.

“We have helped to bring the fairly traditional Twence into the digital world, with a strong focus on online marketing.” Ronald ter Braak - Account director at Adwise

The repositioning in a nutshell: from technical waste processor to innovative driver of regional sustainability.

Purpose marketing
Twence's ambitions match well with those of Adwise – your digital brain. Both are innovators in the Twente region. The strategic choice from technical waste processor to innovative driver of sustainability fits in seamlessly with today's purpose marketing, explains Marije Nieuwenhuis, Digital Project Manager at Adwise. “From saying what you do – in this case extracting raw materials and energy from waste and the sun – to saying what role you have in society. For Twence, this is enabling the regional energy transition.

By clearly profiling the brand in this way, we strengthen Twence's market position.” In addition, this increases the appeal for collaboration partners in sustainability projects and positions Twence as an attractive employer for the new generation of employees who are mainly looking for meaningful employment.

Twence verduurzaamt

Long-term objectives

Foundation for the repositioning .

Energy and climate agreements force provinces and regions to respond to the transition of energy and raw materials and associated sustainability objectives. By 2050, the Netherlands must have completely switched to a sustainable energy system. Being able to supply, use or store energy locally requires an investment in innovation and better (regional) cooperation. This requires progressive organizations that drive essential changes. Twence is such an innovator and sees itself as a driving force behind regional sustainability and energy transition. It wants to lead the way in developing new circular chains, sustainable energy and create a biobased economy with chain partners and customers.

Twence wants to become the hub in the Euregio area to keep raw materials such as plastics and textiles for the (chemical) industry in the chain. In addition, it aims for zero CO2 emissions by 2030 and even negative emissions by 2040. With its sustainable energy sources, it provides 20 to 30% of the energy demand in the region and supports municipalities in the east of the Netherlands in the transition to gas-free. Finally, it keeps at least 1 million tons of organic material in the chain and develops new biobased value chains together with players in agriculture, forestry and nature management.

The new website

customization for every target group .

The website is 100% custom-made. Craft was chosen as CMS, a modern open source system that makes it easy to manage all content on the site. We work with a modular system of blocks, which makes it easy and quick to build and adapt a page. The website is available in three languages: Dutch, German and English. “This is mainly due to the Euregional collaboration and the purchase and sale of waste and recovered raw materials,” explains Marije.

Writing the content for the new website, performed by an external party, was an extensive job. The existing content had to be adapted to the new structure and made more target-oriented in order to better address the various stakeholders. This results in more interaction. New content has also been written about new processes, innovations and projects. An extensive search term analysis was done beforehand.

Regional municipalities

assisting with sustainable solutions .

Because knowledge about sustainability and waste processing often disappears from local authorities due to budget cuts, Twence wants to profile itself as an expert partner for municipalities in Twente, the Achterhoek region and Germany in achieving the policy objectives. Twence helps them to find effective solutions that fit within the local circumstances. For example, the continuous flow of residual heat that Twence produces can make an important contribution to heating homes and commercial buildings without natural gas.

Twence website development

Corporate market

provide information and assistance.

Companies and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their ecological footprint and are setting sustainability goals themselves. It is important for this target group to read more about projects that are already underway, new possibilities and techniques, and that they know who to contact if they want to contact Twence about a certain subject. For that reason, we have chosen to display many contacts with name, contact details and photo on the website.

Samenwerken Twence

Sustainability partners

Working together on goals .

In order to achieve sustainability objectives, collaboration with partners is important. You can think of Ennatural and Cogas, knowledge institutions such as TNO, University of Twente, ROC van Twente and Saxion Hogescholen and industry associations such as LTO and Energie Nederland. Environmental organizations such as Natuur en Milieu Overijssel and organizations in the chain (TwenteMilieu, Rova, ENGIE and BTG-BTL) are also looking for partners for projects and knowledge transfer.

Other key stakeholders

For thought leadership and strong employer brand.

Other important stakeholders are (potential) customers in the business community, local residents and social groups and employees. Employees play a central role in the thought leadership strategy. All knowledge and experience that is present in the organization is necessary to be able to fulfill the driving role. By telling more about the ambitions in the energy transition and the resulting innovation projects, Twence is developing into an attractive employer. And that is necessary to win the war for talent in the erupted labor market.

Plans for the future

Further expand the Twence brand .

At the time of going live, about 65% of the content was online. In the coming months, many more SEO and activation pages will be created around sustainability themes.

“Twence wants to become an online authority in the field of regional sustainability. This is a continuous process, also developments with regard to sustainability are moving at lightning speed. The site should form the basis for various online marketing campaigns and eventually it will become a lead generation tool.”Ronald ter Braak - Account director at Adwise

Adwise won the tender to provide all of Twence's off- and online communication in the coming years. In addition to the new positioning and the new website, it also concerns internal communication, all external communications and updating the current house style.

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