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As a relative newcomer to the highly competitive automotive industry, suppose you want to become the largest online car platform in order to eventually become the market leader in vehicle or mobility solutions. You are faced with a pretty tough challenge. We took on that challenge, commissioned by In this customer case you can read how we managed to achieve exponential growth with the help of smart automation. And with a limited budget. There is a reason why we have already received various awards for this, including the Friends of Search Award and the award for best SEO B2C campaign during the Dutch Search Awards 2021.

With over 30,000 visitors per day and 80,000 advertisements from 2,200 different companies, has quickly grown into a serious player in the market. To become the market leader, it has to compete with established brands which have been active for decades.

Best SEO campaign - Friends of Search 2021 (winner)
Best SEO B2C campaign - Dutch Search Awards 2021 (winner)


Meet the client.

You can easily find your second-hand or new car on, the helping hand of drivers in the Netherlands. is an initiative of BOVAG, which has been the trade association for numerous car companies and dealers since 1930, who attach great importance to professional service. They only receive the BOVAG quality mark if they meet strict quality requirements. Customers who purchase a car on have the following guarantees: a minimum of 6 months BOVAG Warranty, brand warranty or manufacturer's warranty, exchange warranty (exchange within 2 weeks after delivery and a maximum of 750 kilometers driven) and clear all-in prices. You can also calculate the trade-in value of your car for free online. In addition to cars, also offers bicycles, motorcycles, campers, caravans and folding trailers.

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The question

Increasing organic visibility.

Concurreren met gevestigde namen has been around for three years now and when it turned to Adwise for help, it had more than 30,000 visitors per day and counted about 80,000 cars in the database (advertisements) of 2,200 different companies. has therefore quickly grown into a serious player in the market. To become the market leader, it has to compete with Marktplaats and Autoscout24, which have been active for decades.

“In order to continue to grow, new analyses were needed to map out opportunities and to advise on how to further increase organic findability” Explains Shari Jalimsing - SEO-marketeer at Adwise

Verschil maken met een klein budget serves both B2C and B2B customers. The marketing activities in this case are focused on the search behavior of the B2C target group. The revenue model of the platform is 'pay per lead', such as completing a contact form or trade-in request or making a telephone call through the website. As mentioned, the automotive industry is highly competitive and an additional challenge was budget constraints. Apart from the agency costs, the budget for the analysis of search terms and content length was €5000 and €7500 was reserved for content development. By making smart use of automation, we have made a difference for with a limited budget.

Objectives set

in figures .


Growth in organic sessions


Growth in organic target value


Growth in organic contact form completions


Growth in organic trade-in requests


Growth in unique phone calls through the website from organic traffic

Adwise en
viaBovag, de helpende hand van rijdend Nederland


five steps within three phases .

Research potential search terms

Automated URL Mapping

Content analysis

Content generation tool development

Scalable content generation

Research potential search terms

Phase 1.

In order to map the opportunities, we first performed a search term analysis, including Keyword Mapping. “Because there was no capitalisation yet on keyword variations, the Keyword Mapping process acquired a large scope. It was not possible to do manual work within the current budget. Based on the search term analysis, a competitor turned out to be the best organic player in the market with the highest visibility. To save time, we took their URL structure as the basis for automating Keyword Mapping,” explains Shari. With a so-called substitute combination formula, Adwise was able to bend the URL structure of a competitor to the URL structure of This allowed the SEO specialists to efficiently match the terms from the search term analysis to the correct URL.

Content analysis

Phase 2.

After we knew which pages were the foundation for organic growth, we analyzed the content gap per page compared to the competition. has a dashboard in which all relevant make-model car terms with more than 400 pages are monitored. Manually checking the length of the content of both and the competitors was not an option. That is why we have automated this process with a scrape & count formula. The formulated formula scrapes all search terms from a page after which we split and count the items. The analysis showed that there were 366 relevant pages of content too little.

Content generation with AI

Phase 3.

The content is developed in the final phase. Writing content for 366 pages is a u-intensive task. did not have this capacity and outsourcing content was too expensive. Because Adwise has AI as its innovation theme, it is one of the few agencies to have access to Elon Musk's GPT-3 language model. This tool cis able to generate unique and relevant content based on Machine Learning. Shari: “Using this model we have developed our own flawless content generation tool. This enabled us to generate relevant content in no time at all.”

Key results

exponential growth and time saving.

By automating every stage in this process, from analysis to output, using the GPT-3 language model and Google Sheets Scripts, among others, we have been able to achieve a significant impact in a short time. All this in a highly competitive industry, within a limited budget. This resulted in both an exponential increase in organic sessions and a significant increase in the number of requests. In addition, we have managed to create automated and relevant Dutch content on a large scale with a creative mindset, despite all the restrictions within the GPT-3 model of OpenAI. 

To evaluate the results, we have compared the period 1 January to 1 September 2020 to the same period in 2021. 29% of all website visits come through the organic channel. The target was 50% growth in organic sessions, but we managed to achieve an increase of no less than 114%. Growth in organic target value also exceeded all expectations with an increase of 143% (target: growth of 50%). The stated goal of 75% growth in organic contact form completions pale in comparison to the 264% Adwise ultimately achieved. The desired growth in organic trade-in requests was set at 75%, while the actual result was +105%. And the goal of 75% growth in unique website calls from organic traffic was smashed with 591% more calls.

Our approach has also resulted in a number of significant time savings. For example, the number of hours spent on Keyword Mapping due to automation fell by 48 hours, content length analysis was 33 hours faster than if it had to be done manually and copywriting saved 440 hours for a total of 366 pages.


in figures.

+50% +114%

Growth in organic sessions

+50% +143%

Growth in organic target value

+75% +254%

Growth in organic contact form completions

+75% +105%

Growth in organic trade-in requests

+75% +590%

Growth in unique phone calls through the website from organic traffic

What makes this case special?

scalable and innovative multi-channel approach.

This strategy was meant to increase organic growht, but will also have a positive impact on the paid channels of With more specific and focused landing pages filled with relevant content, visitors now land on pages that better correspond to their needs. This results in higher relevance, improved quality scores, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates from paid campaigns. 

Praise from expert jury panels 
This case won multiple awards, including the Friends of Search award 2021 and the award for best SEO B2C campaign at the Dutch Search Awards 2021. Jury panels from both award shows were impressed with our work for  

“The makes excellent and innovative use of modern technology to automate large-scale SEO efforts, which has resulted in impressive growth figures for the website. It is rare to see such a combination of strategic insight and advanced technical execution. '' Barry Adams - chairman jury Friends of Search 2021
“A strong, distinctive and innovative case in which the available budget has been used as efficiently as possible. Using AI and data of the market leader was a smart move. Creating dynamic values sidelined the content marketeer entirely. In addition, a scalable solution is offered in which visitor numbers were not the only metric for success and conversions went way up.'' Jury Dutch Search Awards 2021
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