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Developing a brand proposition

To go from an innovative idea in the heads of our clients to the eventual launching of the brand, we went through several branding steps. Developing a brand identity with the right corresponding tone-of-voice is an important step in this process.

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Setting the tone

Your own voice.

Based on our client’s vision, they developed a platform that makes the real estate repairs and maintenance process simpler, more transparent and more user-friendly. Our focus was on the User eXperience, so as to ensure that the communication flows of all target audiences were set up optimally. As a result, a need arose fort a clear positioning and tone of voice. The tone of voice is a brand’s way of speaking, carefully attuned to the target audiences and anticipated communication modes. For Ziezodan, this was an interesting process, because the online tenant environment had to also be suitable for a group of limitedly literate users. To determine the tone of voice properly, we first considered the user’s perspective. We looked at which texts users encounter, and how to formulate these with as little ambiguity as possible. We soon realized that the tone of voice should be accessible and helpful. We also uncovered the necessity of visual navigation and orientation, which became an important part of our briefing to our UX designers and the developers of the platform.

From RAAS to Ziezodan

The value proposition.

Before Ziezodan was established as the brand name, we used the working title RAAS. To turn this new service into a brand, we first had to discover what the new brand wished to stand for and who they wanted to reach. Through a number of branding workshops, we uncovered the most important wishes and determined the mission, vision and core values of the organization. This formed the starting point for the entire brand proposition. We then developed the brand identity, including the value proposition and a brand manifesto.


The new brand name, deviced by Globrand, was based on the established brand identity.


Logo design

For all modern application.

Logo design is a creative process that involves shapes, colours, pictograms and fonts that trigger certain associations with people. To develop the Ziezodan logo, we first came up with a widely differing range of concept designs. We then gathered feedback about these designs to create a top 3. To simplify the final decision-making process, we presented the designs on differently coloured backgrounds. In designing a logo, we also take into account the fact that it should be a strong, multi-purpose visual that lends itself well for a range of different uses: square profile pictures on social media, a favicon for the website, or a responsive version for mobile.


Corporate identity

Brand recognisability.

A customer journey maps out all potential moments of contact with the customer, from initial orientation to purchase, and all the way through the usage stage and their continued brand loyalty. This is very similar to the behaviour of people looking (actively or otherwise) for a new job, which is why within the field or recruitment, we’ve begun using the term ‘candidate journey’ more and more.


Transparent communication
All benefits
Measurable success

Branding elements

Translation into carriers.

To be able to utilise the corporate identity effectively, we first mapped out the most important carriers. We looked at more than just the usual suspects like business cards, but also at the design of things like email signatures and PowerPoint templates that could be deployed within the organisation right away.

The corporate identity in use


Branding is about perception of the image

Develop a credible brand.

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