Digital transformation of the real estate maintenance domain

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From sluggish and inefficient to flexible and efficient

Ziezodan has created a revolutionary breakthrough in the real estate maintenance domain. Within the real estate branch, the making, planning and executing of outages and maintenance orders is often a sluggish, inefficient process. To smooth out the link between these three parties and the overall process more efficiently and thus transform the real estate maintenance domain, Ziezodan sought out Adwise.

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Self-learning platform

With the help of technology, data and artificial intelligence.

With the help of a clever combination of technology, data and artificial intelligence, we worked with Ziezodan to develop a clever, self-learning platform. This platform eliminates inefficient actions and moments of contact, optimising the entire chain. The process from filing a call right down to implementing the solution is quick, user-friendly and transparent. To show you more about how Ziezodan works, we’ve created the animated video below.

Fixing outages

Thanks to a user-friendly process.

Tenants are now able to immediately report outages via their mobile phone. A chatbot then checks if the tenant is registered in the system. If so, a URL for reporting their issue is sent to the tenant. They are supported and guided throughout the entire reporting process. They also have the option of sharing photos or videos of the issue. An algorithm then determines which specialist would be best suited to fix the issue, based on their skills and the relevant location. The tenant then receives a number of optional dates to schedule the repairs. The outage alert is then forwarded to the relevant maintenance company and the schedule of the most suitable specialist based on their skills and the relevant location. This ensures that the specialist is up to date on everything and can head out well prepared. Afterwards, the tenant can use the platform to review the performance of the specialist. This gives property managers insight into the type of outages that occur in their properties, the time it takes for them to be resolved, the number of outages per unit, the geographic distribution of said outages, customer/tenant satisfaction, and resolved outages (both within and outside of the scope of the Service Level Agreement).


Continuously improving results and two Dutch Interactive Awards.

Continuously improving results and two Dutch Interactive Awards. The Ziezodan platform has achieved higher tenant satisfaction, and consequently, positive feedback from property managers and more efficient working processes amongst maintenance companies. Michiel Pot, Ziezodan General Director: ‘This is the future! We are revolutionising the entire chain!’ The impact of this case is not just reflected by great numbers; Adwise and Ziezodan also won two Dutch Interactive Awards for the best case in the categories of Service and Tools.

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