5 reasons why a PIM system is indispensable in e-commerce

5 redenen waarom een PIM systeem onmisbaar is in e-commerce

In the highly competitive commerce world, smart management of product information is crucial. To make informed purchasing decisions, customers must be able to rely on accurate and detailed product data. A Product Information Management system is invaluable in this regard. It allows you to collect, manage and publish information about your products centrally, quickly and accurately. In this article you will find 5 reasons why you, as owner of a web shop or commerce platform, cannot ignore a PIM system.


A PIM system: ultimate product data management

PIM stands for Product Information Management. With a PIM system you collect, manage and publish information about your products from one central platform. From prices, product descriptions and inventories to discounts, availability and images; a PIM system is your central source of all your product information.

Particularly for organizations with extensive product lines, a PIM system is indispensable for providing customers with reliable and detailed information on a large scale. Because you control everything from one place, you avoid inconsistency and inefficiency and distribute information worry-free across all your channels. A crucial component for sustainable growth on both a local and international scale.


From automation to perception: five crucial benefits of a PIM system

Managing all your product data from one central place provides all kinds of benefits. So besides drastically reducing the chance of errors in your data we give you five more reasons below why a PIM system is indispensable within commerce:

  1. Efficiency and time savings: With a PIM system, you automate many processes. Think of entering new data or updating existing data, but you can also automate the distribution of your product information with a PIM system. This will save you a lot of time and costs on manual work.

  2. Improved data quality: Within a PIM system like Akeneo get access to tools for data validation and normalization. This ensures accurate and consistent product information, which increases your customers' confidence. 

  3. Multilingual and multichannel support: Multilingualism is often a time-consuming and error-prone part of product data management. A PIM system supports multiple languages as well as channels, allowing you to easily customize and publish your product information for different markets and sales channels.

  4. Faster time-to-market: Because with a PIM system you automate and thus speed up many processes, you keep your product data up to date at lightning speed; wherever you are visible. This allows you to introduce new products or modify existing products much more quickly.

  5. Distinctive customer experience: Consistent and detailed, as well designed product information helps customers make purchasing decisions. With a PIM system like Akeneo, you go beyond optimizing data management. You create a seamless customer experience, which sets you apart from others in your market.

Akeneo PIM | Akeneo implementatie en training | Adwise - Your Digital Brain 

Akeneo PIM, the most accessible solution

The range of Product Information Management systems is vast. So which PIM system is the best fit for your organization? As an experienced commerce specialist, we at Adwise know what's going on in the market and work with the best PIM partners, such as Akeneo. 

Akeneo PIM is a widely used and accessible open-source software solution,which allows you to create compelling product and customer experiences in both the B2C and B2B sectors that increase conversion ratios and significantly shorten your time-to-market. Thousands of companies and retailers worldwide are already using Akeneo to create the highest quality product information for all their channels. 

Discover all about Akeneo as a PIM system via the button below. Want to know immediately more about making the right choice for a PIM system? At Adwise we'll help you with that choice, the installation and in-house training so you stay in control. 

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